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    Had a dad tell me that they played against a kid at a PGF that was switching hands between pitches. Never seen that.
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    Good one!

    I was watching a game this weekend and a coach that is about 5.4 was showing out. A dad from the other team, that's 6.4 and 350 pounds, walks over asked him if he's feet touched the ground when he sat on the bucket. I'm friends with both but they don't like each other. LOL
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    Hip Mover

    How do you turn your hips when hitting? A. using your rear leg B. glutes C. muscles above the hips.
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    New field?

    HS is building a new field. 1. What is the grade on the infield? Pitchers mound normally looks flat to me but it is currently higher than home plate. 2. What is the correct backstop block wall height with a net? Need people to be able to sit in lawn chairs and see the game but not get knocked...
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    Anyone swung the new bat? Heard from a sales guy they are awesome.
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    Hate Switching Teams

    DD's team decided to disband, all players would be second year 14U Class A this year and a very solid team. No issues other than the parents have different goals for the kids. Everyone still stays in touch and a great group. I was shocked and now looking. 1. Played with a local team one...
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    Angle of the bat

    Read a post and was wondering what you teach. Does the bat split the back of your helmet once loaded or 45 degrees behind your head? Knob to catchers feet or knee or straight up and down?
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    No stride

    Who has the best no stride swing? Any good videos on the no stride swing?
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    Oblique muscles

    Explain how the oblique muscles work in the swing?
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    Simple Hitting

    Trying to make hitting mechanics as simple as possible for inexperienced hitters that are not TB kids. 1. Front hip/pelvis- keep the laser on the ball as long as possible. 2. Back hip/pelvis has a eyeball on it and get the eyeball to the softball once you decide to swing. Fast! 3. Get to your...
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    What do you use to help take speed off the change? Looking for new cues to help a few kids.
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    Separation between hips and shoulders

    Lets talk about separation between the hips and shoulders and pitching.
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    Insider Bat

    If you use it, what drills do you use?
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    Fatty Grip

    DD is 13 and has great control of her drop, change, and curve. One walk in 30 plus innings. Speed needs to get better 53-55. Since we have some time off we started working on 3 new pitches. Fatty grip curve, fatty grip rise, and a drop curve. Drop curve was really good from the first pitch. Her...
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    Have a Marucci Cypress 12 inch glove coming to check out , Rawlings Pro206, both baseball gloves. Monica Abbott A2000 glove also to check out. DD has small hands. She is a pitcher and plays 2nd, 3rd, and SS when not pitching. TB is a pitcher and plays some 2nd. MS ball pitches and plays 3rd and...
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    Deceleration and Hitting

    I understand the theory behind deceleration and the bat flying forward but when and how do you decelerate? When do your hips and shoulders stop? Or am I missing something big time?
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    Matador and Close The Gate

    What is this?
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    Perfect Game!

    4 inning perfect game. Struck 11 out of 12 out. Umpire told her to go get a new plate before the next game because she wore the corners off of the old one. LOL. 16 of her last 18 innings without anyone reaching base. Some TB and some MS combined.
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    3 pitch inning

    DD pitching in the semifinal game. Catcher gets hurt and now only playing with 8. Time out and playing a really good team. Coach decides to play without a 2nd baseman- first pitch FO-7, 2nd pitch FO-8, and 3rd pitch FO-9. After the game I told her how awesome that was and she said- I did that...
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    Arm Bar

    Fred Mcgriff had a video where he talked about cocking the bottom hand wrist. Back of your bottom hand towards the pitcher. IMO, this will not allow you to have arm bar. Thoughts

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