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  1. J

    PGF possibly selling or partnering with Perfect Game

    My DD did a PG baseball event back in 12u. I admit, they offer something way above the average event. They have a person gunning every pitch and keeping a book on the game, at bats, etc. That's then posted on their website. A non biased keeping of all stats. The only thing I didn't like was...
  2. J

    New to Travel Etiquette

    This x10!!!! I'd also talk to the coach and get this take on winning vs development. My DD just made a move to a different team this season. They're not that good honestly. However, she loves the coach and likes the girls so far. She's enjoying herself again. That makes such a massive...
  3. J

    15yo Maddie

    Keep posting Eric. I love watching her grow and her swing. She's killing it!!!!
  4. J

    Batting helmet question

    It will be different for every org, but most have a "protective" clause about batting helmets. I'm right there with you. My DD grew up playing baseball and absolutely hates masks. Personally, I cut away the top portion of the mask on her batting helmet. Allows her a far better, unobstructed...
  5. J

    Coaches Vs. Catchers Calling Pitches

    This is where, at the 10u/12u level, I fully believe a coach and a catcher should be sitting together, discussing every pitch and what they should call. By the time they hit 14u, catchers should be calling the game. I know that's an easy blanket statement, but that would be my goal. At 16u...
  6. J

    15yo Maddie

    Eric, gotta ask if you encounter what I do. I've been working with one of my DD's best friend's little sister. She's 14 and has hit 5 HRs in her first 3 tournaments and leads her team's RBI count by double the nearest girl. Her mom has been getting statements like, "How is she hitting like...
  7. J

    Registering as a C Team

    Around here I see those on FB as: "Phoenix Elite Platinum Diamond Unobtanium Force 12u team seeks a few girls to fill out our roster after a strong start to the season, winning our first 3 (bronze bracket) tournaments. Looking for a bracket pitcher, catcher, MI, and utility player."
  8. J

    Dead period extended again 8/31/20

    Amen, and what about the advantage that all the other division levels are getting? My DD had several D3 coaches watching her at the last tournament. Just none of her target schools... and she can't go to those target school's camps. :( I guess D3 coaches are considered expendable? Maybe...
  9. J

    Dead period extended again 8/31/20

    My DD is an uncommitted '21. Late to the recruiting game, and now this is pretty much sealing the coffin for any D1 schools. :( She'd planned on getting to some key camps this summer, and now that's shot. Such pure and utter BS.
  10. J

    Role Models

    That's exactly what one side of the coin is doing. If you share your beliefs, you become a target of all the hate and vitriol from the "tolerant" people. Your business must be cancelled, your personal life should be wrecked, and you should never be allowed to have a job or a voice again.
  11. J

    Role Models

    I say the lesson is to turn off social media. It's great if your beliefs are on one side of a coin. If they're on the other side of the coin then your life is currently useless and it's ok for everyone to call for the erasure of your entire existence.
  12. J

    Softball returns to Dallas...and everyone ignores social distancing

    Nope, I demand you remove your post and apologize, otherwise... Well I'll stomp, scream, and call you names. :D
  13. J

    Softball returns to Dallas...and everyone ignores social distancing

    Can you please quote where I said don't follow the safety policies?
  14. J

    Softball returns to Dallas...and everyone ignores social distancing

    How about this folks, if you don't feel safe then DON'T PLAY! Stop the lamenting. If you feel safe. Play. Crazy how that works.
  15. J

    Disneyland or Softball

    Anything > Disney*
  16. J

    Pride vs SY Dogs

    I have no idea what you're talking about, but as soon as you said, "tweet", I knew where this was going. What a cesspool.
  17. J

    AthletesGoLive thread for users to help each other and commiserate

    I don't even get how it's supposed to work. We were supposed to have our games streamed this past weekend. However, there were no cameras setup, that I saw. We were told to tell college coaches about it, but I didn't get any instruction on "how" to do that.
  18. J

    People are driving the distance to play

    We've opened up fields here in NC, even before SC (which opened up "business" before us). VA is still on the red tide lockdown. I swear, at least half of the teams in the tournament this past weekend were from VA. Both 14u and HS. Tournament was sold out. Small LL complexes out in the...
  19. J

    Hittrax on the "higher side of reality"?

    Well, unfortunately I'm being told that the leaderboard #'s are from girls doing private lessons. They're not actually taking part in the "Friday night fights" program. :-( So most likely we're SOL. Another "covid restriction" roadblock. *sigh*

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