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  1. GunnerShotgun

    Indiana forums?

    https://mb.boardhost.com/midwestsoftball/ You can get tournament results and updates there. It tends to be Bandits heavy in the discussions...Bill Conroy posts a lot. A lot of parents posting...it's kind of sad at times from the outside looking in.
  2. GunnerShotgun

    Are you coaching the team or individuals?

    Since it isn't a team sport it's best to focus on the individuals.
  3. GunnerShotgun

    Locker room baptisms at Texas Tech?

    So we can have the Isha prayer at your house tonight?
  4. GunnerShotgun

    Locker room baptisms at Texas Tech?

    lol. Doesn't Allah translate to God in Arabic?
  5. GunnerShotgun

    Coach wants 2nd yr 14u player to convert to slapping

    It should be the first resort for all hitters in my opinion. So few can do all three phases well though. If I were starting an 8u team full of orphans they would all learn to slap (bunt/slap/hit from the left side) first.
  6. GunnerShotgun

    Wristband Play Calling

    I will leave my 1b home if you promise to keep bunting.
  7. GunnerShotgun

    Look Back Rule

    I think most people haven't seen this executed by a high level team. I have seen it and it's impressive. Those that think you can simply "stop it" haven't seen it executed properly. I have seen a couple of teams/orgs do this as a part of their offensive philosophy. It's akin to playing a...
  8. GunnerShotgun

    Drinking coach gone too far? What next?

    Coach Buttermaker means well...
  9. GunnerShotgun

    Illegal pitch or not?

    And what if you couldn't catch up to her? Good god.... Focus on your team and not what the other team is doing. If that pitcher is shot out of a cannon doing a triple jump it's no concern to your hitters. Let the umpires sort it (or not). On my teams there is zero talk from our hitters or...
  10. GunnerShotgun

    Strength exercises for beginning 9yo pitcher

    Exercise is great for all ages but it will have minimal affect on pitching.
  11. GunnerShotgun

    Gold Team Dilemma

    I would worry about this year now and not even think about next year. Look at the 16u schedule and see if it fits. If the playing time is there than that's what you should do.
  12. GunnerShotgun


    Yes it's worth the money. It will change the way you look at defense forever.
  13. GunnerShotgun

    What age to start throwing from knees?

    This has been discussed before and the NECC disagrees with your assumptions. https://www.catchingcamp.com/tipspofthemonth/april2015
  14. GunnerShotgun

    What age to start throwing from knees?

    You are right throwing from the knees is not best practice. The data shows it's actually slower when throwing from the knees to second base. I definitely wouldn't be teaching sub-optimal catching techniques to 10-12 year olds....focus on best practices that will help the catcher and the team...
  15. GunnerShotgun

    Travel tournaments shut down in Ohio

    Fixed that for you. The justifications that adults are using to justify playing high school sports is insane. If you think there is little risk and are fine with it than just say so. When they couch it with "think of the children" be sure it's never about the children.
  16. GunnerShotgun

    Is it legal to steal second base if...

    Batter smokes a ball over the right fielder who falls down making the turn to retrieve the ball. Batter ends up on 3B while RF never gets up off the ground (torn knee, done for the season). There is no way to know if the right fielder just slipped or blew out her knee...it all happens so fast...
  17. GunnerShotgun

    Coach or GM?

    Maybe she/he just needed to kill 4 hours everyday. To assume that players aren't fundamentally sound by 16u is silly. Yes every one can get better but we are talking about diminishing returns by that point. Lots of 16u travel teams beat college teams in exhibitions every year.
  18. GunnerShotgun


    So just throw out your high level swing that you spend thousands of hours practicing in the off season? This is your path to victory? Not only is this not the approach that the best hitters in the world utilize I haven't seen a whole team actually do this in a game. "Hey ladies we made it to...
  19. GunnerShotgun

    Calling location and pitching

    I like how you think in terms of ball lengths when missing pitches, this is best practice in my opinion. I am not a fan of the "batter position" influencing your pitch selection. Batters can easily manipulate this... Throw to your pitchers strengths and not what you batter is...
  20. GunnerShotgun


    We use the same approach they use in MLB. When a superior pitcher is dominating we bunt every batter.

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