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  1. Westwind

    Alliance Fastpitch Champs vs PGF Nationals..

    Oh my. Maybe aother question: what college coaches will go to OKC vs. SoCal? Ready, Fire, Aim.........
  2. Westwind

    When the unthinkable happens

    Somebody here (Amy in Az maybe?) always used to say that “hit by a ball” injuries usually happen in warmups. After many years, my observation is that it seems to be true. Hoping for a speedy recovery.
  3. Westwind

    Ronald McDonald Tourney

    Very nice tournament! Tons of good teams.
  4. Westwind


    DD didn’t have the dual stamp, she went from the grey ghost straight to the advanced. It was good to her, hit it in practice all winter (started using it some time in February) and all summer in tb and practice. It had some suspicious cracks on it that honestly could have been paint cracks...
  5. Westwind

    Helmet rules

    Just saw this, sorry! Just all the struggles parents coaches had understanding that the single stamp Ghost with gold letters could only be used in USSSA tournaments. If you had two types of helmet masks, someone would be using the wrong one and get in trouble.
  6. Westwind

    Speed. How fast is fast?

    Ha! Politely spectate just like they already do, right?
  7. Westwind

    Speed. How fast is fast?

    Love it! Runner leaving early is a self correcting problem, lol! Umpires? We don’t need no stinking umpires, lol!
  8. Westwind

    Speed. How fast is fast?

    True! Not really! (What’s he looking at as pitch is being thrown again?) Heck yeah! Foot along outside of bag helps disguise when runner actually leaves bag IMHO. Primarily talking two man ump crew here. Had a plate ump (2 man crew) call a runner out for leaving early at 1st last summer...
  9. Westwind

    Helmet rules

    Lol, true.... So true... Look at the “Gold Ghost” debacle.
  10. Westwind

    Helmet rules

    Doubt it. I‘m not a fan of how fastpitch helmet masks are designed. They do not need to be as big, they do not need to be as heavy/thick material, and they DO NOT have to be designed with an opening SO SMALL THAT A BASEBALL WILL NOT FIT THROUGH IT.
  11. Westwind

    Marcela 11 years old

    Somebody on this site used to say that you want to be one of the first to leave a team, not one of the last. Sucks to be in that position. If she was a few years older there would be more opportunities but it seems important at that age not to miss out on good team practices so something has...
  12. Westwind

    Guess I'll start an off-topic thread?

    That solo, AD. Wow. Had not heard that in years. That is straight fire. I loved Fair Warning. That album had a different edge, even for VH. I also listened to Women And Children first a lot. But.. Van Halen “1”... We played that over and over and over again.
  13. Westwind

    Hitting Really Fast Pitchers

    Kind of what Cannonball said but said a different way: load slower and earlier. Command drill is a tee drill with a stationary ball that I believe helps in addition to moving ball drills.
  14. Westwind

    Drill Suggestions: too early with swing

    I‘m thinking I might try this with some kind of tarp etc attached to my pitching screen. Can hang it on pitchers side. If a ball hits it it isn’t stretched tight and absorbs the hit.
  15. Westwind

    Glove webs, what’s everyone’s favorite?

    Any thoughts on I web vs H web and who should use each?
  16. Westwind

    DD held to higher standard

    My days of coaching dd are over. I‘ll add this not because I think anyone here is wrong or because I think my answer is the only answer. I tried hard to treat her the same as other players. Not only to be fair to her, but ALSO because there are some really subtle messages that are sent when...
  17. Westwind

    Drill Suggestions: too early with swing

    @YOCOACH, Do you ever go back to regular front toss after getting this process going?
  18. Westwind

    LynkSpyder pouch for battery charger

    Sorry! Its actually under “camera setups”
  19. Westwind

    Locker room baptisms at Texas Tech?

    Makes perfect sense now- my post about not particularly wanting to spend every moment with the parents of a 10u team..... and preferring to do our praying at home or in a church of our choosing.... I totally see the connection now. To Marxism and Stalin’s purge. It’s so obvious! Thanks!
  20. Westwind

    LynkSpyder pouch for battery charger

    From the Lynkspider website! If you check out the “recommended equipment” section it has all kinds of info. https://www.lowes.com/pd/AWP-23-cu-in-Ballistic-Nylon-Tool-Pouch/1001094774

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