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  1. TopCatDad

    Scoring Question on Interference

    High School Game Two outs runner on second only. Batter hits hard ground ball towards left side of second. Girl runs into ss. Interference is called on runner. The batter would have been safe if runner would have just held on second. How would you score batter....And why? Sent from my...
  2. TopCatDad

    Sharing GoPro files

    I’ve been filming games with my GoPro for a couple of months now. Some parents on the team would like to use some of the footage for skills videos, but I don’t have the time to edit it out for them. How is everyone sharing the files with the rest of the team/guest players? Dropbox or something...
  3. TopCatDad

    Is it broken?

    Does this bat look broken? It’s my DD 33/23 ghost. Just trying to figure out if we need to get another before the next showcase. Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. TopCatDad

    Another Scoring Question

    How would you score this and why... Runners on first and second. Batter hits to shallow gap between CF and LF. Runners hold up thinking it should have been caught. Runner on second gets thrown out at third on the force. Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. TopCatDad

    16u Pitcher &Utl. Needed Nov 12-13 Walterboro SC for Showtime Showcase.

    Due to scheduling conflict the Carolina Comets 16u are in need of a pitcher and utility player for the Showtime Showcase in Walterboro SC November 12-13. From the Showtime Website: Teams play 3 games on either Sat or Sun Team is coached by different college coaches each game. Teams will be seen...
  6. TopCatDad

    Keeping time in the dugout.

    What is everyone using to keep track of how long is left in a timed game? I'm using my cellphone with a count down right now, but i don't want to waste the battery if i don't have to. Someone must be using something else. Thanks! TCD
  7. TopCatDad

    High fives on a over the fence home run

    ASA rules. Can players high five the player who hit one out before the reach home? Thanks!
  8. TopCatDad

    XENO Talent Search?

    Has anybody ever signed up for the XENO Talent Search that the NSA puts on in NC? Just wondering how it went and if it is worth it. My daughter is a 2020 grad year so we have to wait until the second round of signups. Thanks!
  9. TopCatDad

    Dry erase board

    Does anyone know of a dry erase board that lasts? It seams to me I have to replace ours every two tournaments. The lines come off or sometimes you can't get the markings off. Thanks TCD
  10. TopCatDad

    Replacement Pitcher Warmups

    Playing NSA. Girls pitches for Three innings and is replaced with another pitcher. Now bottom of 6th 2 outs bases loaded Visitors up by 1. Bring in original pitcher to try to get last out. Shouldn't the pitcher get some warm up throws? Time had already expired. BTW she came back from a 3-0...
  11. TopCatDad

    Questions for coaches

    We have about 3-4 coaches wanting my daughter (12u pitcher) to come and try out for there teams. We play on a team now but are looking for a change for the better. What are some of the questions we should ask the coaches to see if the teams are a good fit for her ( and us lol) Thanks!
  12. TopCatDad

    How do you ask?

    My DD is a pitcher. We have been asked to guest play for another team. Not really to pitch but as a fill in for some hurt players. This is a team she has pitched against in the past and beat,but we are not looking to take mound time away from the regular pitchers. My question is how do we ask...
  13. TopCatDad

    Looking for a comparable bat

    GWe bought my daughter a 2013demarini cf5 hope bat 32/22 bat for Christmas. She has been using it in practice and loves it. Whta we are needing is a comparable aluminum bat for cold weather and hitting the hard rubber balls. What does everyone use that is balanced the same? Thanks!
  14. TopCatDad

    Program for pitching stats

    Does anyone make a program for keeping just pitcher stats? I tried using Game Changer last season. While I like the program, I really don't want to have to keep up with it while my DD is not pitching. I just want to know her stats against batters. Ex. First pitch strikes,K's(of course), Walks...
  15. TopCatDad

    How often do you practice sliding?

    How often do you practice sliding? I ask because my DD is now in a soft cast and will not be able to play/practice for at least 6 weeks. She fractured the growth plate in her ankle sliding into home during practice.(she said she was safe at least, got to love them!) The big problem she is one...

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