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    Another "fun" tournament-Wildness ensued!

    She was probably hammered too.

    Best ASA red stitch ball

    First, there are a few TB tournaments for 8U around my area. Granted, they are far and few between but they exist around here. As to the OP, I have found that Sterling, Dudley Thunderheats and Evil Sports Tump balls, all in leather, offer not only great raised seams for pitchers, but will last...

    Glove webs, what’s everyone’s favorite?

    Yep. The binding is rough all over but I don't mind since I exclusively use my CMW3000 now.

    Glove webs, what’s everyone’s favorite?

    I still have my HS glove I used in the outfield when not behind the plate. I bought this shortly after Mizuno was first introduced to the U.S. Just goes to show how long I've been an H-web fan.

    Drill Suggestions: too early with swing

    For those interested, I found pictures. This is the 12x14 inch board. Excuse the damage please. It's had many a rough year.

    Drill Suggestions: too early with swing

    I actually bought a 7X7 Rukket pitching screen that goes on my Rukket sock net frame (they'll actually fit any 7x7 net frame). I think they're like $39 with a lifetime warranty. I set the board up about 3 feet back from the opening which puts me plenty far enough back from the flex of the frame...

    Are you coaching the team or individuals?

    @Orange Socks Exactly right. Last year I had a split age 12U team. Out of 12 players, 3 had former TB experience and the rest came from various rec leagues. My coaching staff and I developed them from maybe a high level "C" team at the beginning to a Solid high level "B" team by the end of the...

    Glove webs, what’s everyone’s favorite?

    I've always preferred the H-web. I don't know why. Maybe it's the utilitarianism and no frills practicality of them. I would say that out of 27 catchers I work with, probably 24 of their catcher mitts are H-web and the other 3 are basket (closed webs). Granted, they mostly only come in the 2...

    Drill Suggestions: too early with swing

    Absolutely. I only do front toss through the summers outdoors...mainly because I'm lazy and don't want more cr@p in my car to unload for practices. However, once back to indoor lessons, hitting sessions and practices, I start intermixing the board since, like dropping and blocking for catchers...

    Another "fun" tournament-Wildness ensued!

    The wildest thing I've seen is an organization that we played twice in 2 separate tournaments. All of their coaches were tossed when my team was beating theirs. They were F-bombing the umps, the TD's, the tournament themselves, etc. and refused to leave. Of course, their parents joined in to the...

    What ball to use for indoor practice at home

    When DD used to pitch, we would go in our finished basement and use a Jugs Lite-Flite softball. The were pretty close to the same weight and soft enough to avoid any damage except the rain of dust when she'd hit the drop ceiling.

    Drill Suggestions: too early with swing

    I posted pictures of it on here several years ago in response to other questions from another member in the hitting technical forum. I don't know if I can find the thread but I'll look. In the meantime, each board (I use to use 3 but now I just use 2) is 4 feet tall by 2 wide. The rectangle...

    Drill Suggestions: too early with swing

    It hasn't rained out a practice here since April. Now I have a completely new team and have more important things to work on such as the defenses, cut plays, the swing mechanics themselves, etc. Plus I haven't been down to our old indoor facility to pick it up yet since we've literally played...

    16u catcher. Needing help with stance . Questions about catching stance .

    Yes you are allowed to catch with one knee down but you better have one hell of an accurate pitcher that never misses her spot or throws a wild pitch. The main problem by doing so will be your inability to drop and block a wild pitch thus allowing free bases and runs scoring. Lesser problems...

    Question for Tourney Coaches letting players sub

    I've never had an issue with it and still don't. Just let me know if you're not making practice.

    Catcher’s mitt

    As a general rule, the bigger the size, the bigger/deeper the pocket. Thus, for a 12" ball, most catchers prefer a 33.5" or 34". Considering your DD will be moving to a 12" ball next year, I wouldn't think you'd want to downsize. Worst case scenario, you stay with what you have until it's time...

    Batch of ADVs coming in next week

    Go for it. I Did the same thing for mine. She uses the '18 at practice and the Advance in games...at least she would if the NCAA is going to play this year. Needless to say, she takes it out for an occasional spin now and then and she simply loves it as much as she did the '18 when it was shiny...

    Team Bonding Games

    Another 2 I really like. Team Tag: Pair up members of the team. Have them hook their arms together. Pick a pair at random. One will be "it" and the other one will be the runner. The goal is to get to another pair and hook arms with one of them before being tagged. Whichever player is hooked...

    Team Bonding Games

    Here's a couple of my favorites although I have a ton more I use. Towel relay race: Split your team in groups of 3. For each group have 2 bath towels. Lay them out at the start line so that they are slightly more than a large step apart from each other. On the back one, have all 3 stand on...

    Practice or Play?

    I agree 10 is not enough. However, until the coach figures that out, which may take 8-10 months, I would suggest taking the advice of the other posters. Go practice and play with the other team and pick up with better teams on your off weekends. Just practicing and not playing sucks. Let your DD...

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