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    AthletesGoLive thread for users to help each other and commiserate

    Has anyone experienced the video feed not displaying, perhaps because of a traffic issue? One of our games today the streaming phone was on and going, but just couldn't get the video to be pull through. Didn't know if this could be a server issue, or if it was a local issue.
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    AthletesGoLive thread for users to help each other and commiserate

    I think they claim the AGL camera has 2 primary advantages - it's water/weather proof - it has a wide view lense like a GoPro
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    Fauci Says there is a way sports (ie Professional Sports) can resume this summer.... this does not sound good for softball to return before fall...

    I'm planning to Venmo my barber $200 today as a bribe to ensure I get an appointment the first week he reopens, whenever it is--whether that be in 2 weeks, 2 months, or beyond. I NEED a haircut.
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    When will travel ball start back up? Poll

    Who is "they" and who is "us"?
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    No practices of any kind-a message from our district

    We closed the parks in our town for the very reason of helping kids avoid the social pressure of captain or parent softball and baseball practice.
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    Is it harder to pitch to shorter players or?

    Nose to toes! At 10u rec ball, if the catcher can catch it, then it's a strike!
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    Is it harder to pitch to shorter players or?

    I will say that my daughter who is shorter than most on the field has a much higher percentage of strikes called on her that are at neck level or above. It is very frustrating for her, and not something she's adjusted to, but it's definitely a thing. Maybe one day I'll put together a video...
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    I wish there was a way to translate all this to English!
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    New Professional Softball League Starting

    ". . . with NPF commissioner Cheri Kempf acting as a senior adviser. " It's doomed before it gets off the ground if this is the case. In order for a professional softball league to have any chance at success, two things must happen: 1. It must be on TV. Not just streaming or Flosoftball...
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    OTF HR. Coach hugs baserunner

    As long as it's the opposing team carrying the batter
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    Nunthia vs. Boardmember Smackdown 2020

    It also warms my heart that an 80 year old could have started a thread with "Smackdown" in the title.
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    Nunthia vs. Boardmember Smackdown 2020

    Speaking of forearm fire, I remember the day I found that guy in Connecticut who had a website and a bunch of videos teaching "forearm fire." I was so excited because there was someone out there doing the same things we were discussing on this board, and then I saw reference to him on the board...
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    Interpreting camp invite emails

    Most 2021s we know who plan to play in college are not verballed and not close to doing so. Maybe they're all delusional, but I don't think so.
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    Girls or Ladies

    Unless they're adults, call them girls. 1. Woman is fact, lady is opinion. 2. For school mascots, it is absolutely wrong to call the female teams "Lady" whatevers. It's discriminatory. It says that the boys have the right to the team name and are the 'normal' ones, where as the girls are...
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    How do you answer question about "Other schools you are interested in"?

    That's generally my default position, but, as a husband, it gets me in trouble a lot too!
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    How do you answer question about "Other schools you are interested in"?

    This question shows up a lot on recruiting and camp questionnaires. Do you not answer it? Answer it truthfully? Answer it strategically? How much is that looked at?
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    Made a couple of skills vids with drone technology

    Very cool. I really think it is the most valuable on the behind shots for outfield, up high. You can see the ball flight, see her tracking ability, and then also see the throw.
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    Typical price for lessons?

    Where we go it's $70 for an hour for 2 sisters.

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