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    Oregon Ducks get some help in the circle...

    The Oregon Ducks have added Brooke Yanez to their roster,. She is a left-handed pitcher transferring from UC Davis. She posted a 25-7 record and a 1.03 ERA last season. This move will give Jordon Dail some much-needed help. Word is she also swings the bat too...
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    Wasserman's Softball Strength Training Manual

    I am interested in opinions of those who have purchased Austin Wasserman's either Softball or Baseball Strength Training Manual. Is there a significant emphasis on free weights? Also, did you find significant strength and agility results over the course of utilizing the program from your...
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    Biggest lie?

    I came across this video and wondered if anyone else has watched it and had any thoughts. I agree with the idea that we are utilizing the upper half of our bodies to create stretch in the fascia of our muscles or what he calls it as our "springy X pattern." More specifically, when I load the...
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    Looking for a used Mankin Connexion Device

    Hi, Does anyone have a used Mankin Connexion Device that they would like to part with? Please post here or PM me. Here is a link to the product I am interested in. Rotational Hitting Drills | Aids | Mechanics | Instruction Thanks!
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    RightView Pro Users

    How many non-coaches or just regular parents have sprung for RVP? Do most of you purchase the basic version for $199? Has it helped your DD or your DS make a marked improvement in their swing? If you have the phone app I'd also like to hear your opinion on that too. If I am understanding...
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    Back Knee Cock Clip

    I'm working with DD1 and DD2 on "the move" and sequence. A while ago I came across a clip I believe FFS posted showing proper knee cock by a student during a hitting lesson. The instructor actually laid down on the ground and moved the batter's calf towards the pitcher. The brief clip...
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    Pitching DVD Reviews

    Hi, I have read many posts on the site but just decided to join and add my first post. My DD is a 12 year old pitcher that has learned much of her pitching techniques from working with me. I have garnered my knowledge from this forum and many YouTube videos from coaches like Bill Hillhouse...

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