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    Lets see your best Title IX violations.

    Nothing makes me cranky like some good old favoritism towards the boys. So to get things started i give you Kearns High School in Utah. Softball And Kearns baseball Tell me that's not some inequality. Story from a mom whose daughter went there is that two Baseball players made a bet...
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    Softball war stories

    We were talking post game, our catcher had lined the pitcher in the thigh. Talking to her parents about her hit, they told the story that last year, before we joined the team, she hit a bomb over the fence. As she's rounding third there is a little boy crying out past the fence. Her bomb...
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    Sometimes you just have to laugh

    The video speaks for itself.
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    Retired batter interference?

    Ok. This was new. Runner on one. Batter pops out to right center, ball is caught and batter heads to dugout. Center fielder throws to 1st and the ball is missed and hits the batter that is almost too the dugout, she did try to evade the ball but failed. The runner was called out due to...
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    Runners leaving bag to talk to coach

    We've been told two different things now. Runners on base, catcher calls time and goes out to the pitcher. No coach goes out. Can the runners leave their bag to talk to the third base coach? We've had an umpire send the girls back and another that said it was fine. Is there a rule...
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    Are Ringor pitching toe cleats worth the money?

    Last year's cleats vs this year's. The old ones lasted over a year. She is a heavy dragger, and if she hadn't worn the metal down to a nub they would be good for quite awhile. Except for the smell. Sent from my SM-G920T using Tapatalk
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    truly incredible home run.

    Just when you though you knew everything about batting. https://youtu.be/fz_gSjVBh-I
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    Error in count by home plate umpire

    Watching a replay of the Jacksonville V Stetson game from the 28th. 2 outs. Two runners on. Batter takes a ball, next pitch is a passed ball and the runners advance to 2nd and 3rd. At this point the home plate umpire gives the count as 1 and 1 instead of 2 and 0. The batter fouls off...
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    Zepp adding softball specific material

    I just received an email saying that Zepp has added softball specific support to their app. Sure nuff there is an update today. Anyone seen the changes?
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    Who calls time out on an obvious injury?

    Watching a 14u tournament final game. The sun is setting behind home plate. Bases loaded. The batter hits an incredible popup, the ball is coming down nearly vertical, maybe 20 feet from the 200 foot fence. The right fielder seems to angle slightly to the side to keep the sun out of her...
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    Team folds before a game played?

    Heard last night that a local (Northern Utah) 12u team folded when the AC took the pitcher and catcher to another team. Everything I know is third hand, but I believe they were a 10u team that aged up to 12u. Anyone else seen any 2015 teams close shop already?
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    Look back rule question.

    I am confused about the "only stop once" part of the look back rule. If say a runner has left first and for some odd reason they give the ball to pitch does the "only stop once" part of the rule mean that if the runner never brakes stride and doesn't stop could she continue all the way to home...

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