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    July Tryouts + August extended season = recipe for disaster?

    It’s still full on crazy tryout season in CT with games still happening, girls skipping practices to go to tryouts, private tryouts, schedules shifting, offers being made with ridiculous time limits, side conversations, parents trying to figure out where others are going and if their DD should...
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    Help from my fellow umpires

    Yes, it feels like you’re constantly in the way, with bad angles, and high/low is close to impossible. About the only good thing verses doing solo behind the plate is that you can see steals of second finally.
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    Help from my fellow umpires

    I’ve only done 3 games behind the pitcher - it’s tough. One piece of advice is to follow the ball with your body, especially grounders to F6. Close foul balls are hard, use reaction of the player if you have to. Passed ball with a runner on third...good luck. Assuming this is solo?
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    EvoShield Catchers Gear

    at 12U and down better DP/Flex the Catcher and have her leave em on, because I don't even think a courtesy runner is gonna give you enough time to change...
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    Hahahaha. One year later, it is funny (sad actually) to read this. Covid didn't help, but the coaches ended up being a disaster, all the parents hate them, hate each other, say horrible things about each other's kids, and the team is blowing up. And I know, many of you have been there, done...
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    July Tryouts + August extended season = recipe for disaster?

    Interesting. In CT/NY they are already starting this week, with a ton next week.
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    July Tryouts + August extended season = recipe for disaster?

    Anyone else thinking that having traditionally timed end of July tryouts (at least here in Northeast) in combination with the covid-driven extended season into August is a recipe for potential bitterness, hurt feelings, and a whole lot of awkward? Thinking of girls who switch teams but still...
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    DD hung up her cleats due to concussions

    This afternoon, our friend, our number one pitcher, and the sweetest hardest working 12 yo I’ve ever met, took a ball to the head in the pitchers circle. It’s her 3rd concussion, (not all softball related), and likely the end of her way too short softball and sports career. Hug your daughters...
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    Pitcher gestures/ body language

    Just my opinion on how umpire could / should handle (I'm sure some more experienced will have different opinions): An occasional wince or smirk is natural... If it was something persistent - say, more than twice in an inning, or twice in a row, or something throughout the game, I would say...
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    Anyone still playing? Got shut down again here in So Cal

    Feeling for all those who are shut down. This week I umped 5 games, coached 3 games, and had 1 practice (another practice rained out). Full swing here in CT. Each town/org handling things their own way, but in general parents and coaches respecting the new normal.
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    As my stepdad taught me after too many years toiling with Tim McCarver rambling on channel 9 calling Mets games..."you know you can watch that with the sound off?"
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    Friendly R1 or interference?

    So, you guys got anything on this? I get that it's probably pretty rare.
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    Friendly R1 or interference?

    So, last night (12u friendly), our R1 steals second - on the tag the ball pops out and lands on her chest. As she's lying down, feet on the bag, she picks the ball up and hands it to SS, who casually takes it and throws it back to pitcher. There was no call, and in this situation, I think...
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    Runner leaves early on a tag-up catch&carry to dead ball territory?

    It's a dead ball when the fielder unintentionally carries it into dead ball territory. The award is one base. However, the runner is responsible for completing her base running duties (i.e. tagging up). So, on appeal the runner can be called out. Sounds like the umpire got it right.
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    Coaches Vs. Catchers Calling Pitches

    Agree. I think it's too bad. The catcher and pitcher (together) have more information than the coach in real time. Period. How often have you seen a pitcher shake off a coach's sign? Or a catcher shake off the coach? Maybe it happens, I just haven't seen it.
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    New Member

    Welcome. Great to have more NE (and CT) perspectives.
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    Over throw

    When two runners are between the same two bases, the award is based on the position of the lead runner
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    First Games Back

    Just did my first game (ever). Was solo, and per this org’s return to play rules I was behind the pitcher (and had to wear a cloth mask). Not an ideal way to start - balls and strikes we’re okay, it is super awkward trying to get angles, and racing the pitcher to the plate on passed balls with a...
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    After techinque, what makes a great hitter

    As a formal Doyle disciple, you know MVP - memorize visualize personilze. I always ask my girls to “see the line drive” before they get up to bat. If you can see it, you can do it.
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    Calling Balls and Strikes from Behind Pitcher?

    I'm a new umpire this year (great year to start). I expect that 90% of my assignments will be solo. And around here (western CT), that's pretty much the way it is, with the exception of the last two rounds on Sunday for tournaments. Not looking forward to 6 feet back in the opposite slot...