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    What's the call?

    Runner at 3rd base, 1 out, 4 hole hitter at the plate. Intentional walk. The ball is returned to the circle as she gets to 1st she rounds and goes to second at a slow jog. Meanwhile as ball 4 has crossed the plate and is promptly returned to pitcher before batter gets to 1st, 3b runner retreats...
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    When to Change Bats

    I am struggling with a decision to change bat size. Player most always in front, yes I know this is a timing issue but hands are so fast I am thinking it's time to go bigger on bat size. What do you guys think? When is the appropriate time to change bat size, is there a tale tale sign that you...
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    Top Heavy Hitter

    No video, sorry, but just imagine. Player is extremely top heavy and can't bring anything through. Basically she can't even slot her rear elbow. Rear elbow rises above and some point she looks like she putting a choke hold on herself. My question is has anyone experienced a player too top heavy...
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    Code of Conduct

    Is there any code of conduct for umps? Is there anything an ump can do to lose his certification?
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    Drag Foot (video)

    Does anyone have any drills to re-inforce not using drag foot as an anchor? DD comes off and drags the whole side of her foot and I can't seem to break her from it. This is something that started with her H/E instructor. Any suggestions? https://youtu.be/GwoGqpNTmy8 Any other helpful tips you...
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    Verbal offers Pros and Cons

    Recently I was speaking to a D1 coach and we were talking about recruiting. This topic never comes up without me be totally blown away at how early they are recruiting. This particular school was working on their 2019 class. I asked point blank, how can you guys recruit so early knowing how...
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    Batting out of order, what's the call?

    8 hole jumps ahead of 7 hole, 8 hole singles... 7 hole comes up to bat and pitcher throws 2 pitches to her... Coaches bring up out of order and umps call runner on 1st out, and now 9 hole bats behind 7. UIC backs the umps call. USSSA Please site rule for your call. Thanks for the help guys.
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    Obstruction call

    Runner on second, ball hit up the middle, short stop reacts to the ball being hit and contact is made with runner. The pitcher actually fields the ball but the SS initial reaction to the hit caused the collision. If pitcher does not field the ball SS would have. What is the call?
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    Members, Moderators, and Private Eyes

    Dear Easton33, Someone has tried to log into your account on DiscussFastpitch.com - Softball Message Board with an incorrect password at least 5 times. This person has been prevented from attempting to login to your account for the next 15 minutes. The person trying to log into your account...
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    Sex Offender Spectator

    I was just hit with this yesterday and I want some feedback. One of my best players has a brother in jail for rape. Players mom last night was telling me in casual conversation that he is getting out soon. She started describing him and his tattoos and said "oh you will see them at the games"...
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    Coaching Boundaries

    On a recently locked thread a coach had questions about how to handle bruising on a players neck. Many said it wasn't his problem and he was overstepping bounds. I would like to see some discussion and thoughts/justification beside "not my kid". If coaches are going so far as to monitor social...
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    Conditioning at Practice.

    Recently on a thread I have come realize that some people think running during practice is not for girls and is actually a sign of poor coaching if done as discipline. In all honesty we do very little running because we are busy practicing but if minds, attitudes, or efforts aren't where they...
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    Today's Games

    Anybody got any links to watch today's games online? Post here. Below should be Wildcats vs Drake. Starts @1 eastern. http://pac-12.com/videos/university-arizona-2
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    Arizona Wildcats live

    Anyone want to watch the game live? here is the link. Curious what others think of LMU pitcher. University of Arizona | Pac-12
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    Cat Fight!!

    Here you guys go. Everytime you want to challenge your nemesis on facts, posting/not posting students, hands, knees, core, elbow up or down, hip coil, swing planes, or whatever just bump this thread up with a new challenge. Good luck and hopefully this will keep it from spilling over onto every...
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    Arizona vs OSU

    Anybody going to watch the game today? I was hoping some of the hitting gurus would watch and comment on OSU 's hitting. There should be a few split grip hitters in there.
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    At contact

    Can you guys post a pic of what you think the ideal position is at contact from the front side view?
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    Java/Boardmember DVD Series

    I was just think about buying a Hillhouse pitching DVD and I became curious. When we can expect the first edition of the Java/Boardmember elite pitching dvd's to be available? If not available soon, which Hillhouse video do you guys think is the most comprehensive/instructional for beginners?
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    The Ball

    Deleted post. Found what I was looking for.
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    Winter Swing

    A few swings: http://youtu.be/HY7AviFTyTk Had a little time after school and I caught some swings on camera. What do you think we should be focusing on?