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    NCAA Dead Period Extended to July 31st

    I would definitely create a YouTube channel. Live stream and post skills/highlight videos there. It is pretty simple using just an iPhone and iMovie. DD's constantly updated channel got her a lot of looks. She had narrowed her list down and was getting invites for visits so that helped but every...
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    PGF Tournament Plans

    We booked our flights the day after PGF sent this out. Round trip for a family of four from Birmingham, Al to LAX for $565. Definitely glad I held off and I can cancel and use them for another trip. My concern is less about nationals in late July than about qualifiers over the next month and a...
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    Sign of the times - NLI Signing Day '19

    Congrats. It may not have happened the way they expected but this will be a great memory from a trying time.
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    Does Size Matter in S.B.?

    SIze absolutely matters at the point players are trying to get to college. You could have two girls side by side with one 6 inches shorter than the other yet have a little more ability on the field. 90% of colleges coaches will take the larger player. I have watched it too many times over the...
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    What rules do you have for playing?

    Ours has to maintain her grades above a "C",. She has a 3.75 unweighted and a 3.96 weighted so she does pretty well in school. I understand there are some subjects that are harder than others for her. If she does have a "C" through the semester she is expected to work hard on it and not let it...
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    High School Softball (Spring) 2020

    Rain is the story for us. DD's team should honestly compete for a state title but they do not look like it right now. Plenty of talent but haven't had time to play together or really even work together consistently in practice. They got in 6 games Saturday and won their last 4 and played better...
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    Rain in the Southeast

    Are all of yall enjoying all of this rain as much as we are in central Alabama? So far we have have had 5 games rescheduled. We played more in a tourney Saturday than we had the first three weeks of the season. They only got one day on the field to practice last week and it showed Saturday...
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    #2 is just as important as #1 - High School Pitchers

    We have a stud #1. She struck out 44 in her first three games this year and gave up only 5 runs. #2/3 is a shootout between a sophmore and an 8th grader pulled up to give us depth. We lost a very effective #2 that graduated last year that you could always rely on to get us by anyone except the...
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    New Professional Softball League Starting

    I said the same thing when I initially heard about it. With Kempf involved it has no chance. What other major sports league would have a commisioner that has allowed the league to be so stagnant for years? To be successful any league needs to have a TV contract and build a team following. I...
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    Alabama home cooked strike zone

    You don't watch enough SEC sports if you are shocked. I can almost guarantee it isn't home cooking. Our officials down here are pretty much incompetent across the board in all sports. Basketball has gotten to the point it is frustrating to even watch.
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    My DD has a swollen ankle and a tournament in a week

    I will add the speed part will come down to how long she misses more than anything. It takes time to rebuild the muscles. That was DD's biggest challenge. We are a year out from surgery now and she is faster than she has ever been so I would bet a minor sprain will not impact her at all.
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    My DD has a swollen ankle and a tournament in a week

    Really depends on the severity and type of sprain. DD had a high ankle sprain her freshman year in HS with no internal damage or tears and it took 6 months to get close to being normal. She was released by the doctors to play after about a week because she couldn't do any damage but even the...
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    Too many coaches

    In 6U and 8U you need several but after that it can be cut. With two defensive coaches on the field in 6U and 8U plus having a coach pitch we probably needed 4 or 5 in the dugout. By 10U 3 or 4 was the max. Once we got to 14's 2 or 3 was enough depending on responsiblities. During practices at...
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    How far do you drive?

    Moving to 16U our HC had to step down due to his business travel jumping up. The field we used then was 45 minutes to an hour from our house.He talked the head of our Org to take us over and he is also the assistant at a DIII in town so we use their facilities. Cut our drive in half on even a...
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    Scenic City logistics

    It is my favorite one. I have always loved playing in Chattanooga since 8U. Once we hit 14U we have always had tons of coaches there. Granted we have always been in the power pools except one year. 2nd year 14's they mixed us up with another team and swapped us. We played at Jack Mattox and and...
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    Scenic City logistics

    I'd be happy to play with traffic for a $150 cheaper ticket. Also really depends on the time of day. Early morning or after rush hour the traffic wouldn't be that bad. Speaking of traffic unless you are playing at Warner Park avoid staying along I-24. Getting to and from the I-75 area to...
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    Scenic City logistics

    Flights into Atlanta would be much cheaper and you are within 2.5 hours of Chattanooga.
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    My daughter is dreading high school ball approaching

    Don't sweat it at all. HS ball really isn't that important in a lot of places. DD plays for a great HS program and only two college coaches have attended a regular season game. One was a DI coach who has now retired and was there because she has a daughter on the team and the other was a JUCO...
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    When to be a pest

    I agree but my point was if the DD is not invested on her own there is nothing the parent can do.
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    When to be a pest

    We didn't push. I explained to mine the investment of time and money that TB took from our family. If she expected that commitment to continue she had to do her part. If she failed to live up to her end of the bargain we would let her play but we wouldn't play for a team that travels nationally...