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  1. Sweet Lou

    Strange Plays

    Inspired by the lazy catcher thread. Last night 12U rec. 1st and 2nd none out. I'm coaching 1st remind both girls ground ball you gotta go. So what do you know ground ball to SS - runner on 2nd sees SS field the ball turns around and goes to 2nd, runner on first sees her go to 2nd and starts...
  2. Sweet Lou

    Face Masks - Rec League Now Mandatory in our league

    Our local rec league has just made face masks for pitchers mandatory this year. No it's not travel ball but our rec league is a feeder for a number of 12U & 14U travel ball teams in our area. I know it's not travel or anything else but it is interesting that league is taking this step...
  3. Sweet Lou

    ESPN Hires Jessica Mendoza for SNB

    ESPN Hires Jessica Mendoza For 'Sunday Night Baseball' : The Two-Way : NPR Very cool. She did a great job last year after Schilling but his foot in his mouth. I look forward to her this year on a regular basis. Kudos to Jessica for landing a well deserved gig and Kudos to ESPN for bringing in...
  4. Sweet Lou

    Runner hit by batted ball question

    Runner on 1B 1B playing in front of runner. Hard ground ball to right side. 1B attempts back hand of ball but it goes under her glove. Runner (behind 1B) attempts to jump ball but kicks it. 2B is moving in direction to field the ball and is behind the runner. Is this a dead ball runner out...
  5. Sweet Lou

    Mel Hall - Portrait of a Predator

    Typo ^ Predator. The many crimes of Mel Hall: He was a flamboyant player, a charismatic coach, and a sexual predator - SBNation.com Long read about former MLB player Mel Hall. Not sure if this belong here or not but since one of his victims was on his travel softball team I guess this is as...
  6. Sweet Lou

    Doubled off on fly ball..what's it called?

    So when a runner get's called out being doubled off on a fly ball, what is that technically called? Umpire said it was a "force out" and I know that that is technically not correct. While you don't need to tag the runner, only catch the ball while touching the base similar to a force play (some...
  7. Sweet Lou

    Nike Summer Camp for 9 year old?

    Look for summer camps and came across a Nike Softball one reasonably close to us. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with them and if a 9 year old would do OK with the stay over option, not really close enough for the day camp option. I realize not all 9 year olds are the same so just...
  8. Sweet Lou

    Fun weekend

    Sure it was just 8U and our small local tournament but DDs team went 4-1-1 over the weekend taking home the championship trophy. DD did well in he limited circle time 3 IP no R, 5 Ks. Unfortunately a minor injury to her landing foot is what limited her time. She seems OK now, hope it is...
  9. Sweet Lou

    Interference question

    In our game this saturday opponents had 2nd & 3rd 2 outs. A ground ball was hit to SS and runner starting on 2nd collided with SS while she was trying to field the ball for clear intererence. After a conference the umps came to the obvious conclusion that yes there was interference and the...
  10. Sweet Lou

    Cricket anyone?

    At our 8U rec game last night - our batter hit a pitch after it bounced in front of home plate. Smacked it pretty good into CF actually and would have been an easy double. And while I don't encourage kids to swing at pitches that bounce, I'm 99.9% sure that this is a live ball and should have...
  11. Sweet Lou

    Runner hit by batted ball - small twist

    Ok last night we had a somewhat unusual play I hadn't seen before. Runner on 2nd base, ball hit in the hole between 3rd and SS. 3B playing in front of base line (BL) SS playing behind BL, runner on BL. Ball hits off of 3B glove and is deflected into runners leg. SS is behind runner and now has...
  12. Sweet Lou

    WCWS - the Final 8

    So who takes it all?
  13. Sweet Lou

    WCWS - Super Regional Discussion

    Supers underway - LL making a statement against last year's defending champ. I thought they got dissed with the 14 seed and ASU got a rought super draw with them as the 3 seed. Other than the Hofstra - South Florida winner which is already a surprise, what lower seeded teams will crach the...
  14. Sweet Lou

    Appeal Play - Sort of

    We had a mildly interetsing play that I'm curious about the ruling we got from the umpire. I have no reason to doubt his rulling but since I've never heard it before I wanted to know if it was correct. We had runners on 1st & 2nd. Batter hits double to left center. R1 on 2nd easily scores. R2...
  15. Sweet Lou

    Strike or foul?

    Player swings and ball hits hand while on the bat and goes foul. Is this a strike because it did not hit the bat or a foul because the hands were on the bat while swinging?
  16. Sweet Lou

    Helmets with face mask

    Next time a kid complains about poor visablity when they have to wear a helmut with a face mask show them this video of Pirate's pitcher AJ Burnett in bunting practice the other day Video: A.J. Burnett bunts ball off his face - Yankees Blog - ESPN New York (first 20 seconds of video the rest is...
  17. Sweet Lou

    8U Rec Pitcher Dilemma

    We had our first practice last Saturday and of the 11 girls I saw, 1 of the girls was clearly the most accurate pitcher in the group by a wide margin. Also has good speed for 7/8 rec player not the fastest of the group but close. She was "taught" by older siblings and cousins. The delemma I...
  18. Sweet Lou

    Recommendations for 8U Catchers Mitt

    Not looking for something expensive and I will also check Play It Again Sports for used but it is sort of a specialty item so I'm not hopeful of finding one there. I'd like to get the girls who will catch next year at 8U a team glove to use and to start woking with my DD who experessed an...
  19. Sweet Lou

    To Coach or Not To Coach?

    Long time lurker and first time poster. I've found many of the treads on this site very helpful. Especially how to be a better SB parent. Our org finished up its summer season and there was some clamoring to have a fall season. Long and short the majority of the summer team including the whole...