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  1. J

    Anyone in town (aside from Pattar and I, by default) for the WCWS or have a DD playing in Triple Crown or the OKC Challenge?

    We faced a team from the Tulsa area around 6 times last season that was notorious for going around and clocking all the pitchers. Always made me laugh because I had the same thought. If I clocked a pitcher and told my dd, "she's throwing 50" she would most definitely give me the ok.....and...
  2. J

    The Forum is about softball and only softball

    where are you guys headed? we're going to hobbs, NM to hopefully avoid all this rain. you guys dodged a bullet at chickasha. first few games, those fields were a joke
  3. J

    Monsta Hype FP

    came here to say this. i'll pass on anything made by this guy. get ready to order a bat and not get anything for 6 months. don't even think about posting on facebook or messaging him to ask the status on the bat you already paid for. ask the slow pitch community how they feel about carl and the...
  4. J

    Power Carbon for smaller girl

    It is unfortunate that there was no place locally for her to try it out, but I do put a lot of faith in the knowledge and experience of the users on this board. Core has yet to steer me wrong. I've asked him about bat models in the past, and he's been honest about them. If anyone in the OKC area...
  5. J

    Power Carbon for smaller girl

    My daughter got her PC on Monday, and got to use it the first time on Tuesday. Half of the team ended up using it. My daughter has pretty much been a Demarini user. Tried a 2017 LXT and didn't really like it. Her favorite bat was a cf6 sprite. After a couple hacks with the PC, she's all in, and...
  6. J

    So, Mom and Dad are walking....

    My daughter gets bored out of her mind when they play the easy wins. If she's lucky, she gets one hittable ball a game, and usually nothing to field. I'd rather see them get beat down and play really tough competition, and I think she'd agree with me. Every game has a teachable moment, but...
  7. J

    Dang... Are Demarini CF8 30/19 really selling for $400?

    My daughter is that way. Had an old 29/18 cf6. Broke in March, and she hasn't swung anything that makes her happy like that cf6. She has the Zen now, but even with other kids swinging it, I'm not impressed. Still looking for a reasonably priced replacement cf6, but they usually go quickly
  8. J

    Best travelball gear bag?

    I second the dinger bag for catchers. My daughter has been using the same bag for around 3 years now. It has a couple frays, but the zippers and wheels are still in great shape. I couldn't be happier with the bag. If we can ever ditch this catcher's bag, a few of my softball friends have...
  9. J

    6 year old DD swing issues..

    I think he did coach an Athletics team for a while. I do hope Ty continues to coach. We haven't played them this year, but last fall, they seemed to improve everytime we played them. To me, that's a sign that the coach is doing a good job.
  10. J

    6 year old DD swing issues..

    My daughter played on Roman's GT team last fall. He has a reputation much like Ty. If your daughter enjoys playing for him, don't worry about what other people think. We had numerous people asking why I'd let her play for him. I just answered, because she wants to. From the little amount of time...
  11. J

    No Errors

    We had the same experience with my daughter's dinger bag. Zippers were all fine, but one of the sides had gotten snagged and was starting to fray. Showed the receipt and a new one was on the way. I will definitely continue to buy from them
  12. J

    Vinci Fortus

    I bought one from Drakemir recently for my 9 yo. She's had it for a couple weeks now. I wouldn't say it's game ready yet, but it will be there within the next week or so. Couldn't be happier with my order from Drakemir, btw.
  13. J

    No Errors Dinger bag

    DD has this bag. Been using it for just over a year. It has one small tear on the seams by the middle compartment. We just sewed it and it hasn't gotten any worse. Other than the amount of storage and the giant wheels, my favorite feature would have to be the giant zippers. They're great bags...
  14. J

    Which glove to buy?

    I can't comment on the fortus fielder's gloves, but my daughter has the fortus catcher's mitt and we've been very impressed. I was stunned with the quality and how nice the glove felt for the price we paid. When her current fielding glove gets retired, we'll definitely be looking at getting the...
  15. J

    Utrip vs triple crown OKC tourny

    You must have been at Davis. I was shocked when I found out they were hosting a big time tournament out there. I'm sorry to hear you had a bad experience.
  16. J

    Necc dvd

    I'm in the market for one as well.