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    Illegal pitch without verbal call

    One thing about the second part of your comment bothers me though -- and I hear it all the time -- "She had already pitched 3 games with no illegal calls." Yes, it is possible that the ump calling it got it wrong. More likely though is that the previous 3 umpires were missing it ... and that...
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    Live Stream Plunge

    I just dove in to AGL and you are right, first impressions are it is quite cumbersome at the moment. Can you search for other teams and see how they are doing (like GC)? I signed up as a team but it didnt even ask me for payment yet...
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    Illegal pitch without verbal call

    My DD got called for an Illegal pitch this weekend also. The frustrating part for her, is, depending on which sanction you are in, there may be different rules (step back/start back). And the other issue was, she had already pitched 3 games with no illegal calls. I know how hard it is to be...
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    10 Items That Should Always Be In Your Coach’s Bag

    Shoelaces! I always keep a few extra shoelaces in my bucket. Mostly from cleats that have worn out before the laces. Dont want a broken lace mid tourney
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    Help finding a face mask for pitching

    DD likes the Evoshield mask.
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    Fielding Masks

    She likes it quite a bit Does not seem too heavy. The only issue is you have to be a little selective with sunglasses. With the extra fit points, some larger glasses may not fit. My DD wears Ironman glasses from Academy.
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    Fielding Masks

    DD loves the Rip it and the EvoShield masks. The Evo has an additional fitting pc that can be adjusted to the face for a custom fit.
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    3 pitch inning

    DD had one 3 pitch inning in 12U (14U now). Shes had a number of 5ish pitch inning since. We always talk about efficiency.
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    Abbott throwing gas at the Stand Beside Her Tour

    Is there any way to stream this game?
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    Watching games on TV

    I had the same question. I just downgraded my cable because the costs were getting outrageous. Downfall...way less opportunity to watch games with DD
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    New 2020 Pitching Rules

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    New 2020 Pitching Rules

    Does anyone have a definitive list of pitching rules by sanctioning body? its a little confusing depending on who you are reading/listening to Example: PGF - Step Back USA - Start Back USSSA - Start Back Etc. thanks!!
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    Tryout season ugggh!!!

    All of the back-channeling, gossip, "confidential" workouts, etc. put a damper on this time of year for parents, coaches and players.
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    Tryout Season (aka Silly Season)

    There seem to be travel programs exploding everywhere this year.
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    Courtesy Runner

    Came up this past weekend....Can you run for a catcher that has not caught yet but will catch the following inning?
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    Tryout Season (aka Silly Season)

    The time is upon us again...buckle up
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    Sliding Pivot Foot on Windup

    Mostly the opposing coaches. Especially when they are losing
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    Sliding Pivot Foot on Windup

    Sort of like Abbott but without the extra step. The issue they are having is that her foot will occasionally slide forward and her toes will no longer be in contact with the pitching rubber.
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    Sliding Pivot Foot on Windup

    So, long story short, DD and PC have developed a windup that includes sliding the pivot foot during the wind up. Seems to help with her balance and keeping her hips driving forward (instead of opening too early). Well. this has caused some commotion over the last couple weeks. Does she...
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    Embrace and Enjoy the DD you have

    This thread...hitting close to home

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