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    I wonder if anyone else has dealt with this? My daughter is 11. She has always been a good player (elite hitter, average fielder) over the last year we have discovered that she has sever scoliosis. (80 degrees for those in the know) this herb effected her hitting but made throwing angles weird...
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    Softballers playing Baseball

    Both my kids play ball but my 10yr old DD is way more into it than my 11yr old son. (though he is a good player) Well DD's tourney got canceled on friday and my son's team, who I coach, was missing a couple players. "well hell I'll just suit up a couple softball players". I got my DD on 3rd and...
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    Calling Plays via Numbers

    There are a ton of different ways to call plays. Having each girl with a wrist bands, I'm not really a fan of...but I understand it. Yelling out your numbers is not the best idea. If you are going to us a number system signal in your numbers. It took me three batters last night to know what the...
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    Swamp Coolers

    Anyone got any tricked up Swamp Cooler/AC designs?
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    Right in the goods!

    Last night was coaching and being lazy sitting on a bucket warming up our pitcher.....I don't miss many balls.....but last night I got one bounce on me and catch me just enough to have hot flashes....going back to squatting.
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    Look back

    So long time baseball coach and first year 10u coach. Played my first tourney were Look Back Rule came into play. Can someone give me a quick tutorial on this? Any tips for this?
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    Weird Dead Ball Question

    So I've play ball my whole life but never seen this before. Runners on 2nd and 3rd. 1 out. Pitch is delivered and swung at and missed. The ball hits the catchers leg and without touching anyone rolls into the dugout. No runners advance during the time, for some reason they all returned to...
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    Rec Coach Rant

    My DD (10u) had a heck of a season this year in rec (She plays TB which I am one of the coaches for) and as the season ended it was pretty obvious she was top 2 or arguably 3rd best overall player on the team. Best hitter by far. So coach asks parents to vote for All Stars. This weekend I get...
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    Big organization is interested

    I co-coach (I do on field and the other guy does all the other stuff and a little on field) a 10u TB team and we have some solid players. The infield especially is very good but we still haven't played many tourneys together, so we are still working out the kinks. A big organization reached out...
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    TB Co-coaches vs each other

    So myself and my Asst TB coach both coach rec teams in our league (10u). Well we played each other last night which makes it a lot of fun since both of us have 3 girls from the TB. My daughter got up to bat last night and I see him start laughing. She is a power lefty and pulls the ball hard and...
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    First Swing of the first Tourney of the year.

    New here but been lurking. So my DD has played in some 8u Rec Tourneys before, but was stuck in the outfield and batting last. But over the past year (she is still 9) she has made a bunch of headway. Played in her first 10u tourney this weekend and batted 4 hole and played third all weekend. (I...

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