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    Hey PGF Nationals now what?

    I have searched the web a few times and have come up empty-handed. California says sports with no spectators can be played during phase 3. I assume that to be professional sports and have yet to find anything specific to youth sports. Hopefully, PGF will send an update soon. I think all it...
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    Hey PGF Nationals now what?

    PGF Nationals are scheduled to be played in Orange County. They have different stay at home orders than LA county. Whether or not the kids can play, we shall see.
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    What is good examples of exercises catchers can do at home to keep leg muscles strong

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    Does anyone have a DVD copy they are willing to sell? My 11 yr old has been catching for close to a year and has finally caught the bug. She is currently the backup catcher and is determined to take that starting spot when we come back from quarantine. I was thinking the DVD would be easier...
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    Watching games on TV

    I am sad to admit that I used my parents cable providers login to get access to the ESPN streams. Through the ESPN+ app on my TV, I am able to stream any softball game that is aired on an ESPN channel that they have access to through their provider. With that said, start asking parents...
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    Designated Hitting Dummy DIY

    If you're looking for ease and portability, this may be a good option for you. Amazon.com : GoSports Baseball & Softball Xtraman Dummy Batter Pitching Training Mannequin
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    Catchers mitt for 14u, $150 or less?

    We got it from Amazon for 112.49. Originally 149.99 with 25% off for Black Friday.
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    Catchers mitt for 14u, $150 or less?

    I just purchased a Rawlings Liberty Advanced 33" for my 11yr old on Black Friday. She has small hands for her age too. It's a great glove and she loves it so far. It's starting to break in nicely.
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    Easing my way in

    Jump into the technical hitting forum and read, read, read. There are some really smart people passing their knowledge around there.
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    For Sale - 2019 DeMarini CF Zen 30/-11

    I purchased the same bat in a 31" on Black Friday. Good luck with your sale.
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    Appeal play?

    That's good to know. This was his first year as a HC so I'm not sure how savvy he was with all of the rules and his options to appeal them. There was a meeting between the two coaches and two umpires resulting in the runner being called out, ending the game. After the post game pep talk, the...
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    Not a pitching coach, where do I start?

    This is great advice!!! I am new to the forum and try to read and absorb everything I can. With that being said, after reading the stickies in the pitching forum and watching drills from Amanda Scarborough, I quickly realized that my DD's PC was actually hindering her progression and flat out...
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    Appeal play?

    We had a similar situation happen a few months back. Our runner rounded 1B and never touched the bag. She made it to 3B and no attempt was made to tag her out. The field umpire called her out for not touching 1B. The HC came unglued and informed the umpire that the play has to be appealed...
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    In search of a unicorn...

    I had no idea you could do that with YouTube. I really don't want to tell you how many hours I've wasted trying to scroll back and forth. Thank you for the replies. I will start trying to fix their swing with these videos and hopefully post to the technical side in a month or so.
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    In search of a unicorn...

    I apologize in advance for beating the dead horse. I’m in search of a unicorn and have yet to find it. Is there a video, or series of videos, that breakdown the correct swing and bat path with slow motion clips or still shots? DD’s are 11 and just getting serious about softball. They have...
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    For Sale - 2019 DeMarini CF Zen 30/-11

    Is this bat still available? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G900A using Tapatalk

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