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    Whole team has stopped swinging

    Last 3 tournaments the team has had only 3 girls getting hits. Each day it's a different group of girls usually. But as coaches we don't know what is going on. The girls get up and just watch the strikes go right down the middle without swinging. If they do swing it's at stuff in the dirt or at...
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    Tournament food catchers

    My daughter is in her first all star season and will be the main catcher. I was thinking about making some edamame to put in the cooler with the other fruits and veggies. Should I add salt to help with her sweating to avoid muscle cramps or not because of hydrating? Sent from my SM-T350 using...
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    Bat markings

    We had a player bring a bat to practice last night we aren't sure is legal. It's a CF5 but there are no length/weight markings on it other than -10. Standing it next to the other bats it's a 31/21. It has the 2004 ASA stamp and all the other markings. Can she use this in tournaments or no? Sent...