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    Catchers mitt - Annasdad

    I'm looking for a catcher's glove for myself, the bucket Dad. Last weekend I realized my first basemen glove is not going to work anymore. I have been following your recommendations in this thread, and I'm between the Mizuno MVP and the Rawlings Liberty. Which one do you like for best padding...
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    When do the 2021 bats come out?

    While researching bats I came across this beauty. It looks to be the 2021 Stars and Stripes that Core mentioned. Looks like they want an extra $50 for the paint job ($399 msrp). Now that it is only $50 away from the Advanced, it's going to make the decision even more difficult.
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    Power Carbon F21

    My daughter used her F19 though All Stars and fall ball with no cracking or any other issues. We finally did have to replace the bat in games this spring because it appeared as if it had died. No cracks but it had no life to it. Perfectly hit balls went nowhere. So it's been downgraded to tee...
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    Shutte titanium mask

    I bought the adult size for my daughter two years ago when my daughter was about your daughter's size (she was probably 5'3", 110 lbs). It fit well, no flopping around, and she pitches as well. These masks are great. Super soft forehead pad, and the chin cup is really secure. This thing is beat...
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    (Sold) Demarini CF9 31/20

    Lightly used Demarini CF9 31/20. Only used when it was 70° out, and never used when hitting dimple or heavy balls. I'm not even sure if the bat is fully broken in yet. $195 + shipping
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    2018 Easton Ghost

    Thank you for that.
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    The switch to IR, What to expect?

    I also have a daughter that just switched to IR recently. We have a very similar story. My daughter is 11, has been pitching for 2 years (hello elbow style), and suffered a shoulder injury a year ago. We also loved our first coach, but the injury made us look elsewhere. We found a coach that...
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    2018 Easton Ghost

    My daughter currently swings a Power Carbon 32/21, and am looking to purchase an ASA blue Ghost. I am trying to decide between the -11 or -10? I Was looking for some opinions on if one of the other swings more balanced than the other? It looks like the weights are very similar, which is odd to...
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    Select players playing rec ball – does your league ban it?

    The title says "select", not travel. In our area those are two totally different things. Our rec program runs select teams in parallel with the spring season. Basically it's the All Star teams on the select teams playing on Sundays, and then those same players are spread out via the draft and...
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    At What Age Do Bats Make a Discernable Difference?

    The biggest thing is the ball at the younger ages. My 10yo used a bustos and a CF8 -11 during the spring season on a RIF1 ball and there was no measurable difference. Now during All Stars, I broke out some Dream seam balls during practice, and it became dangerous for the in fielders while she...
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    Took DD to a bat demo day....opinions wanted

    Thanks Yocoach. And it's funny that you mentioned the Sprite, because I found a CF9 -11 for a good price ($175) just today and I wasn't sure if I should pull the trigger. But now it looks like it was meant to be. Thanks again.
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    Took DD to a bat demo day....opinions wanted

    Thanks Eric I appreciate that.
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    Took DD to a bat demo day....opinions wanted

    Looking for a heavier bat to replace my DD's -13. Looking at the 31" Easton Stealth Retro -10 or the 31" Easton FS1 -11. Any and all opinions would be appreciated.
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    10u girls using The Ghost

    Thanks, I appreciate the insight. It will give me time to save up for a Ghost or whatever new bat Demarini dreams up.
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    10u girls using The Ghost

    Thanks Yocoach. She is using a 31/18 hybrid bat now (Demarini Bustos), so I will slowly start to work my way down to a drop 10 but keep the length at 31 for awhile. She is not swinging early with the lighter bat (most of her hits are up the middle), so I haven't been in a hurry to get a heavier bat.
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    10u girls using The Ghost

    Since there alot of knowledgeable folks in here when it comes to bats, I have a question. My daughter plays 10U with the 11" RIF 1 compression ball and I have always wondered if it is even worth the money to purchase a bat like the Ghost when hitting that softer ball? My thought was that the the...