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    Seasons and Tourneys Cancelled?

    We just had a USSSA tournament in El Paso cancelled on our team. My youngest kids Little League is also suspended until further notice here in Tucson. Waiting to hear what Middle School Team decides to do first game is scheduled for 25th. [emoji852]
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    Tournament Snacks

    Our girls have really gotten into those cheese sticks wrapped in salami. Also pinwheels were asked for every weekend this fall. They travel well, are packed with protein and can pop them in their mouths quick when you are doing back to back games all day. Sent from my SM-T350 using Tapatalk
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    RH thrower - LH batter

    I switched my 12yo righty to LH hitting only in August of this year. She wears strong rx glasses so I know for a fact her right eye is stronger than her left. She struggled to get hits as a rh hitter. So far this fall she is hitting more and harder as a lefty. Her bp is up 100 pts from the last...
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    New Coach - Need Help!

    I've always found the little girls respond really well to older kids "coaching" as well. If you have any big sisters or brothers who a willing to help out you will see the girls play their very best wanting to be like the big kids. Sent from my SM-T350 using Tapatalk
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    Illegal Pitch?

    We had a blue once that kept calling IP on girls unless they put ball in hand and showed it to the batter with both hands at side. Eventually our pitcher was getting on the rubber and doing an impression of being hung on a cross, but he finally stopped. Some people only know enough about the...
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    Going for the out vs throwing it around

    We do cuts and relays as part of every single practice so everyone is used to hitting their cutoff and then throwing to whatever bag play is happening. The girls who have been around for the last year are now much better about getting those outs. New girls still doing the rec ball hold and run...
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    Whole team has stopped swinging

    They are 12u. The yelling about bad pitches is something I am very sensitive to because it did happen to my DD at the beginning of her softball journey at 7 and took several seasons to fix, so other coaches knew about it and I wouldn't have picked team if the other coaches did it. More often...
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    Whole team has stopped swinging

    Yeah and when I notice they aren't I will start to hold pitches, even during soft toss, so I can call it out and have the yes yes yes no talk. I just don't understand what has changed in the last few weeks that took a big hitting team into this mess we have now. Even my own kid. She went .600...
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    Whole team has stopped swinging

    We've done that. This last tournament we tried taking all pressure completely off them in the 4th game and let warm up play a game of touch football. Just let them play and have fun. Still 3 hits, we did get more swings but no one was making contact because of timing and pitch selection. Sent...
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    Whole team has stopped swinging

    Last 3 tournaments the team has had only 3 girls getting hits. Each day it's a different group of girls usually. But as coaches we don't know what is going on. The girls get up and just watch the strikes go right down the middle without swinging. If they do swing it's at stuff in the dirt or at...
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    Wilson Onyx - 11.75

    My 8yo was using my backup 12.5 onxy the other night at her sisters practice to play catch (I keep it in the bag for the girls,12u, who forget their bags in mom/dads car when switching houses). It was big but she didn't have any issues closing . Also my 8 yo is the size of a 6 yo 4ft 45lbs...
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    Catchers leg guard

    I don't know if the sell just that piece, but you can go to joanns and get the d rings and fabric to replace yourself Sent from my SM-T350 using Tapatalk
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    Passed Ball or Wild Pitch?

    If blocking was ordinary effort though we won't have to spend hours and hours every year our girls catch making sure they learn the skill and keep it up. Mine says the ones that come straight at her are pretty easy to block but the ones that bounce right or left or really hard to throw your body...
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    simple effective bunt coverage for rec all star team

    10u rec All-Stars my catcher DD did almost all bunt coverage. The corners were too big and slow, she is really quick and has a strong arm. So if you have an athletic catcher use her for bunt coverage when no is on 3rd. Sent from my SM-T350 using Tapatalk
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    Dear Catcher.. from your freindly umpire

    I've been seeing this from a lot of umps this season on close pitches too. It's nice for us in the dugout and our pitchers so they can adjust on their own. Otherwise we ask our catchers and they can always tell us even at 12u where the pitcher is missing or if blue just has a tight a zone. Sent...
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    Easton Pro-X Catcher's Helmet

    My DD is wearing the Under Armour Converge Pro gear in silver because we are in Arizona and she was sick of baking in her dark gear. She has taken a couple fouls to different parts of the masks/helmet and said she didn't feel much of anything. Legs are also holding up really well, she cracked a...
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    Resources for new umpires

    I assume same reason we do for girls so you can leave belt in pants to wash. Sent from my SM-T350 using Tapatalk
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    Catchers Mitt Size

    Mine has always had closed mitts before this and I was worried she wouldn't use it, but I pulled it out for first practice and she never went back to her old entry level All-Stars. Sent from my SM-T350 using Tapatalk
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    Catchers Mitt Size

    My catcher DD has been using this glove since Jan. It's beautiful and was broken in game ready in about a week. She catches A LOT though. We practice 4 times a week and teams #1 catchers over about 4 games a weekend. Purchased from JBG. Sent from my SM-T350 using Tapatalk
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    Breaking a hitting slump

    My daughter went through this for a long time. She was afraid to swing at a bad pitch and get yelled at (bad coach during coach pitch). But because she got walked so much she got away with it for a long time. Finally second year 10u she had a coach who told her if she didn't swing every at bat...

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