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  1. BigSkyHi

    OF Drills

    He makes a couple of really good points not expressed before. The drill at the end looks like a total riot with little kids. - How to Catch a Fly Ball | Baseball Outfield Tips
  2. BigSkyHi

    Bat Path

    More wood on the fire o_O - Mike Trout Says To Swing Down...Should You?
  3. BigSkyHi

    I love coaching, but my daughter hates me.

    Even though I truly love coaching, some 30 years ago I voluntarily gave up coaching my son and daughter when they turned 13 because I believed it was time for then to learn from others. What happened was wonderful and exciting. I became a ‘dirt rat’ coach. My kids and their friends would get...
  4. BigSkyHi

    Ten most important things for an infielder to do

    Great one!! Found they can learn to surround the ball with their belly button to have the glove shoulder pointing to the target and push the ball into the ground. had to edit three times 👎
  5. BigSkyHi

    Who is in whos camp?

    What ever my hitter is most comfortable and efficient with
  6. BigSkyHi

    critique my 9yo DD swing...

    Great work with the videos Shawn. Did you have to run to Starbucks? Haven't seen you for a while. ;) Recommend just working that back elbow erniuekru. Takes care of a lot issues mentioned before.
  7. BigSkyHi

    critique my 9yo DD swing...

    Heck just pick out the stuff that 99% of the elite do. So much less confusing as the athlete figures out the 1% herself.
  8. BigSkyHi

    critique my 9yo DD swing...

    Bets she makes some infielders wish they were in the outfield. o_O Sure hope that elbow works for her. You just may be able to visibly see the bat speed increase.
  9. BigSkyHi

    How to Play First Base

    Finally found this one :cool:. My main suggestion is 1st base learns to catch all throws with one hand and the throwing hand goes in the opposite direction (that helps very much in keeping the foot on the bag during a stretch).. - USA SOFTBALL Infield Position Play - Middle Infield Play -...
  10. BigSkyHi

    critique my 9yo DD swing...

    Nice swings! Maybe this will help her see and then feel the back elbow pulling back (aka scap load) during the stride. - Abbey Cheek Swing Breakdown
  11. BigSkyHi

    Ten most important things for an infielder to do

    Another one from out youtube friends 👍 - How To Set Up To Receive Ball On Stolen Base [Softball Fielding Tips]
  12. BigSkyHi

    OF Drills

    Go get it - Softball Outfield Drills and Technique [Softball Outfield Tips]
  13. BigSkyHi

    Ten most important things for an infielder to do

    This thread has turned in a bundle of information. Need a notebook (aka word document) just to keep my thoughts in order but am planning on having a fine practice plan for the kids. The 1st three drills are from...
  14. BigSkyHi

    Where To Stand in The Box

    You mean catchers really like striking out slappers! :devilish: Down and in is nasty.
  15. BigSkyHi

    OF Drills

    Practicing the throws😅 - Jackie Bradley Jr. shares accurate throwing arm from the outfield - Step Behind vs. Crow Hop - Softball Outfield Throwing Tips - Throwing To Bases As An Outfielder - Easy Drill to Improve Baseball Outfield Throws (NO PARTNER NEEDED!)
  16. BigSkyHi

    Marcela 10 Years Old

    It's just mother nature making you wait :eek:
  17. BigSkyHi

    Marcela 10 Years Old

    Kids are so great at mimicking. Maybe have her watch this by herself and see what happens :eek:. - Abbey Cheek Swing Breakdown
  18. BigSkyHi

    OF Drills

    Very nice, thank you Quasimodo. Would like to show two more foot-work patterns, the replace the feet and step behind that have become so prevalent recently. Wish I could find compilations of the ladies throwing. - The Hardest Outfield Throws of 2019 | MLB Highlights - MLB Outfield Assists 2019
  19. BigSkyHi

    T-Ball fun

    :) :) :) - How To Set Up Baseball Drills For The Little Boppers
  20. BigSkyHi

    New Kai Correa video with SF Giants

    #3 :) - How to Train Like a Big League Infielder: Vol. 3