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    What I miss

    Which rule set? Derived from OBR? For example: Little League, 7.09k Found it. You're speaking USSSA. Everyone else, AFAIK, is another fielder has an opportunity to make a play. [USA 8.7.K, NFHS 8-6-11, NCAA]
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    Scenario Rule-Baseball and/or softball

    If the runner is forced to advance (because the batter-runner has put the ball in play) that runner loses the right to the base and may be tagged out even while in contact with the base. Hawk_ is correct. All force outs are removed when the batter-runner has been put out.
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    Wood bats don't need the stamp for USA and NFHS.
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    NFHS rules Whats the penalty for an illegal bat.... Hint it's a Ghost

    "What's the penalty for an illegal bat?" Batter is out. The OP's video is of a non-approved bat for which the umpire has almost the correct penalty (batter out, which he didn't specify, player ejected, head coach ejected.) Shame on the coach.
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    Softball Scoring Question?

    Assist is a thing. From the ATEC scoring guide: 1. An assist is credited to any fielder who deflects a batted or thrown ball and whose deflection helps make a putout possible, or the putout would have occurred had no succeeding error taken place. F5-1 works. Or P5-1 if you note popups.
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    Showing Bunt

    As TMIB points out, dead ball (because the pitch hit the batter), strike (if the ball was in the zone), or ball (the ball was not in the zone). In either case, the batter gets to stay in the box unless an effort was made to avoid the pitch, or it was strike three or ball four.
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    Showing Bunt

    What code? This is a strike in codes that require the batter to withdraw the bat. In USA Softball, if the umpire judges the batter did not make an attempt at the pitch, it is a ball or strike based on pitch location.
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    NCAA Player ejected for (perhaps) making line in dirt

    Yep. Stupid moves win stupid prizes.
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    Umpire to Umpire Signals

    CHSUmp97 has it. The OP's umpire buddies are injecting NCAA signals into a HS game. You will not find a "two-out" or "timing" signal in the USA or NFHS umpire manuals.
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    Incorrect Rule Interpretations - a running list

    [Youtube] Wrong, wrong, wrong. On so many levels, wrong.
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    I like it. :)
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    Ya, NCAA is the same. FYI... [My emphasis] 9.5.7 An obstructed runner may not be called out between the two bases where she was obstructed unless one of the following occurs: The obstructed runner, after being obstructed, safely obtains the base she would have been awarded, in the...
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    You will lose a protest over this interpretation. This. There MUST BE a subsequent play on a different runner. USA 8.5.B1 ex A, NFHS 8-4-3b Pen a) ex 1.
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    Umpires: Lineup card training?

    The above link is good but it is for the college game, i.e, no courtesy runners and substitutes do not have re-entry rights. A variation of line-up management for USA/NFHS can be found at http://cactusumpires.com/tutorials-information.html Agree with tracking changes from the bases. I've been...
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    is there a irregular or non regular force out.

    re: 3) Almost every code awards two bases from the time of the throw. The OP describes a throw to 1st base that rolls "under gate to batting cage that is the fence along 1B line in right field [sic]." That could take some time. Little League rules are derived from OBR, hence, there is a...
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    Illegal Bat Issue Observed at a Tourney

    Correct for NFHS. EcoT wrote, "ASA Rules."
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    Illegal Bat Issue Observed at a Tourney

    Why was the coach ejected?
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    Initials etc on bat - legal modification?

    [USA] 3.1.H Altered Bat. [...] Identifying the bat by means of laser marking, engraving, or painting the name or number of the player will not make the bat an altered bat. I wouldn't mark the name on the barrel... wears off too fast.
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    Botched Ump penalty imposed

    NYSSO (i.e. New York) softball? Don't they use ASA/USA rules? Under NFHS rules, the umpires should only warn (first offense) then restrict (second offense) not eject.
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    Pitcher substitution question

    [NFHS] An illegal substitute is (restricted to the dugout.) If the pitcher cannot face one batter, the courtesy runner retroactively becomes her substitute.

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