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    How much practice is too much?

    New pitching bucket dad here. 13y DD just took up pitching in Aug and she is hitting it hard trying to make up for lost time. Now that her Fall TB season has ended were practicing 3-4 nights per week for 1+ hour (100-150 pitches) plus a 1 hour pitching lesson. I'm looking for feedback on if this...
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    Catchers mitt hand stall size

    Looking for feedback on catchers mitt hand stall size comparison. My 13y DD has been wearing out a CMW3000 for the past 2 seasons. The hand stall was a tad big for her liking from the get go but she used it well for 2 seasons. Now it has finally loosened up too much and I'm in the market again...
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    1 bat or 2 🤔

    Ok looking for some advice from the resident experts here. DD just got her new 2020 Ghost (34/24) and has gotten to the point where she is breaking bats. Between weekly hitting lesson and T work at home, she is likely putting about 750-1000 swings a week on a bat. My question is should I let her...
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    Dead 2018 Xeno?

    Curious to know if anybody has experienced a dead 2018 Xeno before. My DD’s 2018 33/23 Xeno (secondary) sounds different lately. She feels like it’s not as hot and another strong girl swung it and said the same. Two of the hitting coaches noticed the sound difference as well. We haven’t taken...
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    First base vs fielders glove

    I’ve been following this site for a bit but this is my first post. Wanted to get some thoughts from others that have traveled down this road before. My first year 12u DD is looking for a move to 1st to go along with catching duties and we are not sure about making the move to a dedicated first...

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