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    Playing with Diabetes

    About a month ago we found out out of the blue that our 14 year old daughter is a Type 1 diabetic. This hit us like a ton of bricks and was quite a shock for us. Over the past month her glucose levels have been all over the place 500 to 70 and back like a roller coaster. In spite of that, my...
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    Opinion of custom mitt

    DD is going to get a new mitt for Christmas. I'm probably going to order a custom Rawlings HoH. I'm looking for opinions to the following: https://softballfans.gloves.custom.rawlings.com/design/44ae5c10. Basically I'm looking at doing one in black and tan but am open to other options as well...
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    Proper receiving of pitches off the plate

    My dd catcher has always been instructed after giving her pitcher the sign she moves into position as late as possible wherever that may be. If a pitch is called off the plate then she moves slightly lining up with the corner of the plate. Her tb coach yells at her if he calls a pitch two balls...
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    WTB Miken Freak Black, 31 inch

    As the title stated, I'm looking to purchase a 31-inch Miken Freak Black for my DD. She'll be going up a size soon so just trying to plan ahead a bit. If anyone has one in that size please let me know. Thanks!

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