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  1. hummingbird

    How to build habit of turning stride foot before landing

    My DD has been having issues turning her front foot inward on landing. I have noticed that certain pitchers like Ueno actually land with a straight stride foot as well. I also noticed with Ueno, that while she lands with a straight foot, her foot does turn in slightly before landing and then...
  2. hummingbird

    Softball IQ .. how to increase it?

    My DD has gotten to a point where her physical ability in the game has surpassed her mental ability. This past tournament there were several defensive and one base running mistake that imo cost us the game. It's just 10u and it's just 1 tournament, but I'm wondering what I can do as her dad to...
  3. hummingbird

    Pitches are drifting away from the batter

    From what I recall reading somewhere, if balls are going toward a RH batter, then arm is not brushing close to the body as it should, but if balls are drifting away from the batter, then would that mean my DD is releasing late? I've been closely watching her on some pitches and it almost looks...
  4. hummingbird

    Went from a 29/16 to a 31/19 this fall and now DD is striking out more often

    We went from a 28/16 and 29/16 past two seasons and went with 31/19 composite. Immediately she started hitting bombs like never before. Started asking myself if I was holding her back by not making this change sooner. Then.. the strikeouts started. I'm not sure if the bat is the issue or not...
  5. hummingbird

    Fixed leaning issue, now balls are high and fading left..

    So after weeks of working on it, my DD has finally stopped (for the most part) leaning and is now staying tall(er) on her pitches. Now a new issue arises, her pitches are now mostly too high, and also starting to fade away from a Right handed hitter. I don't think the fading issue is related to...
  6. hummingbird

    Any drills to help DD stride in live hitting?

    My DD has a terrible time going through her load/coil and stride in live pitching. She does fine on a tee, or if I do soft toss, but in a game, she just cannot do it. I ask her why and she doesn't even realize she's not doing in unless I show her a video. I think he's just too excited and...
  7. hummingbird

    Getting "happy feet" right before swing

    My DD has formed a bad habit of not keeping her feet planted right before and sometimes even through the swing. It's like she's trying to realign herself to the path of the ball to try to get better contact on it. She's also doing a similar thing when fielding ground balls where she starts...
  8. hummingbird

    The backswing..

    How important is it to have a backswing on your pitch? My DD had one when she first started, but she felt that she is better balanced without one. However, I'm wondering if that's taking away from velocity or spin? Has any of you experimented and tried doing it both ways while using a radar gun...
  9. hummingbird

    Need some advice/drills on correcting some mechanical flaws

    So there are two issues with my DD in her pitching mechanics. 1. She is having issues keeping her drag toe down throughout her stride. Basically she hops up and comes back down and then drags. I don't know what else I can do to help her stop doing this, other than telling her to get her toe...
  10. hummingbird

    Two infield throwing questions regarding technique

    My DD who is a pitcher needs to find another position as a back up. First, personally when I throw, I've always had a bit of a sideways rotation to the ball based on the way I release. It's worked well for me and I can throw accurately etc. However it is my understanding that the ball should...
  11. hummingbird

    New to IR - Pitches are coming in low and inside.. Need some insight

    My DD has been working on IR for about two months now. Overall doing well and slowly progressing. Velocity is fine, but ball location is iffy at best. Before switching to IR, her only problem was a lot of balls sailing high, but they were always straight. Now, she is having issues with a...
  12. hummingbird

    Seeing movement on 4 Seam Fastball after going IR

    My DD has finally gotten rid of the "Hello Elbow" and has gone IR. Not quite there yet, but she's getting better everyday. One thing I've noticed is now I'm seeing some movement in her FBalls. Mostly an inside out movement, like a screw ball. She's not doing it on purpose, but I'm wondering...
  13. hummingbird

    At what point should shoulder rotation begin in IR?

    I'm starting my DD on IR drills and just had a question about when the actual shoulder IR should initiate? We are doing 9 and 12 o'clocks and while looking at a slowmo video of her, I'm noticing her rotation might be starting a bit early. Should the rotation be starting while the arm is coming...
  14. hummingbird

    Anyone have an instructional video on "show it and throw it?"

    Does anyone have a video on this? I have searched this site as well as youtube and can't find anything. Thanks.
  15. hummingbird

    What causes excessive backspin?

    One thing I've noticed on a lot of my DD's balls after contact is there is some major backspin going on. I'm not talking about pop ups, these are balls that are barely making it past the pitchers mound. Weakly hit balls without solid contact at all. My DD doesn't have an uppercut swing, quite...
  16. hummingbird

    Stride or no Stride?

    I'm considering changing my DD's load. Normally, she would pick up her stride foot off the ground, move it toward her back foot and then stride forward before planting. The issue with this, is in the games she would panic and deviate from that load, probably because she sees the pitch coming...
  17. hummingbird

    No Power In DD Swing

    My DD has a hard time getting the ball to get anywhere past the infield. From what I can see, she's swinging hard, and actually has decent form.. but for some reason, it just has no pop in the swing. She even uses her hips to rotate properly, yet other girls on her team who are 100% arm...
  18. hummingbird

    How to stop DD from throwing too high

    She keeps throwing it over her teammates heads, and even throws it over mine sometimes. I think her release needs to start higher? I'm not sure, but I've tried telling her to look at the target more.. or even look at my feet instead of the glove to overcompensate,, but I'm afraid that might...
  19. hummingbird

    DD keeps landing with a straight front foot.. any suggestions?

    My DD is quite new to pitching.. first started about 8 months ago. We been practicing all winter long in between the fall of 2018 season and spring this year. I think overall her mechanics are quite good, but one thing she struggles with is landing with a 45 degreen angle on her front foot. I...
  20. hummingbird

    Hello from Virginia

    Hi everyone. I'm new to this forum (obviously) and just here to discuss fastpitch with other members, to learn, and share experiences, etc. I have browsed through many threads, mainly in the parents section, and realize I've got A LOT to learn. My Daughter or "DD" as people here seem to...

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