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  1. 4 girl's dad

    Texas Fastpitch League

    https://www.flosoftball.com/articles/6745815-texas-softball-clubs-form-texas-fastpitch-league-tfl This could be really interesting. I think It’s a great idea for the times we are in.
  2. 4 girl's dad

    Team dues during COVID 19 crisis

    What is your team/org doing about dues for the season? We are on a 14u national level travel team. We have no tournaments scheduled until late May. Most of our team are freshmen so the team wasn't expected to play but the few 8th graders were expected to play on an 8’s team during the spring...
  3. 4 girl's dad

    Texas Longhorns/Miranda Elish

    WoW! All I can say is wow! What energy and inspiration. Plus her mechanics are stellar. Mixes speed and spin. Comes in from the pen in the sixth and shuts down a team that put 11 on the ‘horns. Plays RF when needed in the line up at the plate. Was leading team in RBI. .522 BA 4 HR 19 rbi...
  4. 4 girl's dad

    WTB Xeno x19 33-10

    Looking for a 33-10 x19 xeno.
  5. 4 girl's dad

    catcher OBS?

    Saw this in FB today. To me she has a path to the plate. But many are saying OBS. Blue, what is the correct call?
  6. 4 girl's dad

    Any issues here?

    Just curious....
  7. 4 girl's dad

    USA v Japan softball observations.

    Monica Abbot is a beast! I think most PC’s would make some changes to her pre-windup based off of what I have read here. Seems like most want to limit the low, forward lean that she uses but it is very effective. She spins the heck out of the ball. Japan’s catcher has a two piece mask and...
  8. 4 girl's dad

    TCS game balls

    We played a TCS tourney this weekend in North Texas. During the 4 pool games, when anyone hit a ball it sounded like hitting those cheap Wilson NCAA practice balls. They had no pop and we never saw any HR’s in our games or games we watched. None of the balls were stamped with anything other...
  9. 4 girl's dad

    Vinci glove treatment for slick palm/pocket area

    I bought my DD a Vinci PC22 12" custom glove last year and she has been using it for about 15 months and really likes it. But I dont lol. Since she has been using this glove, she has had more balls pop out of the pocket than any glove prior. She says she feels like the palm/pocket feels...
  10. 4 girl's dad

    Taryn Alvelo

    She had a great game tonight but on top of getting the win, she was classy about it. I really like her attitude. What a great game by OSU but the Huskies get the win.
  11. 4 girl's dad


    I have read MANY of FFS threads and comments here on DFP for many years. I have been rubbed wrong by some of his comments. But I have never seen him cross a line that would include banning. Does anyone know what happened here and can we get him involved on the forum again?
  12. 4 girl's dad

    Jose Bautista hitting article.

    https://www.tewkshitting.com/elite-swing-mechanics-ebook/ebook-bonus-content/jose-bautistas-short-swing/ I feel Like this is a very good article on hitting and a good explanation between a push swing and a short TTB type of swing. I think It’s a good read and could help many new to hitting...
  13. 4 girl's dad

    Natalie DenHartog Minnesota Gophers

    https://youtu.be/G9vJsD8p0hY Wow! 12 hits 6 HRs 1 triple 2 double 3 singles on the season. She’s a true freshman.
  14. 4 girl's dad

    Danielle Gibson HR Cycle in 4 innings.

    https://www.facebook.com/147262525292598/posts/2702699019748923?sfns=xmo Wow! Has not been done in the MLB! And some people say HRs are mistakes. Well she had 4 of them for 10 runs. BIG MISTAKE pitching to her lol
  15. 4 girl's dad

    Bad coach

    https://abc13.com/amp/softball-coach-allegedly-attacks-a-60-year-old-grandmother/5143156/ Hope he never coaches again. Your child is disrespectful and you get mad enough about someone videoing it that you go out and tackle her?? I’d say the son of the lady attacked showed a LOT of restraint. I...
  16. 4 girl's dad

    Pitching rule ?

    Can you release the ball on the first pass of the leg from the back swing and then finish the arm circle and still be a legal pitch?
  17. 4 girl's dad

    Extension, is this an action or a by-product of a good upstream movement

    Extension, is this a forced ction or a by-product of a good upstream movement I did a search here and didnt find any posts. What are your thoughts?
  18. 4 girl's dad

    Player profile sheet

    I am looking for information on a player profile sheet. In particular I am curious as to personal questions to ask the players to put on the sheet. I am thinking things like favorite food favorite destinations and things like that but not so plain as those two examples. LOL These will go on...
  19. 4 girl's dad

    Throwing hand

    Gags brought up a good point in another post. We have a new to us catcher on our team and she is pretty solid behind the plate. I have noticed that she leaves her throwing hand in a similar location. When I asked her about it, she said her catching coach tells her to do that. I told her my...
  20. 4 girl's dad

    building self confidence

    We added a new player to our team this fall (14U). She is a good player but she is extremely hard on herself. For instance, yesterday she double pumped on a throw from C to 3B. We got the out and ended the inning. On the way in to the dugout, she was so hard on herself for double pumping the...

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