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    MPFL injury

    My 15 yr old was slowing down at second and just fell down holding her knee...she Injured the MCL during volleyball, but came in saying it was the front of the knee, not the side. We saw a specialist and it looks like a torn medial patellofemoral ligament issue. They said she likely needs...
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    Rawlings gold glove elite

    Just wondering if anyone had experience with the Rawlings gold glove elite series. One of my daughters only likes Rawlings gloves. She has been playing first in HS for the last three years and is using a liberty advanced mitt, but will need to play some 2-base on her TB team. She has an old...
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    Blister on fingertip

    My daughter consistently gets a blister on her ring finger (inside of the fingertip) on her pitching hand when she pitches more than 2 games in a day. While she forms calluses, the blister usually forms underneath. Is there anything you guys use to avoid these blisters other than limiting...
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    Have read the forum for a while and decided to join. I have 3 daughters that play. One is a Sr. In high school and twins that are sophomores. One plays first, one Pitches and the other plays third/utility. It’s been fun watching them play over the years.

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