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  1. 4 girl's dad

    Pre game warm ups 12u

    30 min to warm up is A LOT of pitches. They need to be dynamically warmed up but if they are throwing 20-30 min, they have thrown a lot of pitches.
  2. 4 girl's dad

    Teaching HLT mechanics

    https://www.highlevelthrowing.com/high-level-throwing-water-bottle-drill-elbow-extension/ About as simple as it gets.
  3. 4 girl's dad

    Texas Fastpitch League

    We are as well.
  4. 4 girl's dad

    Texas Fastpitch League

    https://www.flosoftball.com/articles/6745815-texas-softball-clubs-form-texas-fastpitch-league-tfl This could be really interesting. I think It’s a great idea for the times we are in.
  5. 4 girl's dad

    Places to get Softballs

    There is a member here that has good softballs for around $50 a dozen. Great practice balls. I’ll see if I can find who. They’re are NFHS balls so not tourney ready but great for feel, weight and covering for hitting and throwing/pitching. found the email: michaelg@tomark.com
  6. 4 girl's dad

    USSSA Extends season through August

    That’s kind of my point. What we signed up for wasnt playing in August. But my team/org is still charging me/us full price for something I may not be able to participate in. Thats not what the plan was. It’s not the same as if its a rain out. That’s the chance we all take with ball. But...
  7. 4 girl's dad

    A week in Colorado after returning to work

    I’m hoping this happens . This would make so much sense in this environment. .
  8. 4 girl's dad

    USSSA Extends season through August

    Fair?? Lol. There is no fair. But to receive at least a partial refund for the incomplete season/tourneys that were rescheduled and to have the pickup players pay their way If they decide to go. I dont have the answers. These are unprecedented times. But using funds from players that cant...
  9. 4 girl's dad

    USSSA Extends season through August

    Yeah after I paid my dues for the whole season then DD cant play. Seems fair to me.
  10. 4 girl's dad

    A week in Colorado after returning to work

    I know we are waiting till the last min but I wish our org would start being proactive vs reactive.
  11. 4 girl's dad

    Lock it in drill

    I’m not sure if you have seen the bat drill but it also help give the feel of IR and ER. Take a light bat and let it hang down, and gently swing it back and forth. Focus on painting the bat away on the back swing and letting the hand/forearm IR when going forward. I’m sure there is a video...
  12. 4 girl's dad

    A week in Colorado after returning to work

    Yeah just like many tournaments, they they know it’s going to rain but if we can play one game we’ll get some $$. I ’m still curious if everyone will have the funds to spend on this tourney. I know many that have not worked in 3 weeks already and currently are told they can’t go back for 3...
  13. 4 girl's dad

    For X pitcher, Florida pitching instructors

    Hal was right before my entry to the forum. Read some quality posts from him though.
  14. 4 girl's dad

    When will travel ball start back up? Poll

    There is going to be a lot of players whose parents cant afford to play. They have lost their jobs and softball will be low on the pole as priorities. This wont effect everyone, maybe not half but 30-40% is projected for unemployment. Let’s say 20% of parents cant afford to travel for the...
  15. 4 girl's dad

    Team dues during COVID 19 crisis

    This was more my concern. I asked and was told no plan was currently in place. I'm wondering if others had a plan and what it was. Thanks for your reply.
  16. 4 girl's dad

    Team dues during COVID 19 crisis

    What is your team/org doing about dues for the season? We are on a 14u national level travel team. We have no tournaments scheduled until late May. Most of our team are freshmen so the team wasn't expected to play but the few 8th graders were expected to play on an 8’s team during the spring...
  17. 4 girl's dad

    At what point do you cancel the season, start talking about refunds

    Social distancing has been extended til April 7. I bet HS season is done for most. And I dont see travel starting back till July, if then. Plus, a lot of folks are going to lose income. Softball travel will not be a high priority for many. It’s going to be interesting.
  18. 4 girl's dad

    Screwball examples?

    Bill, you are so on point about this. She does it when she introduces herself! Went to a local clinic she was doing a few years ago and my gosh she said “2 time Olympic gold medalist” more than she said “pitcher”. Sorry for the diversion.
  19. 4 girl's dad

    Hi everyone! 14U Mom here

  20. 4 girl's dad

    Hi everyone! 14U Mom here

    I’d go w the mizuno franchise. Yes, you may need another if she gets faster but at $50-65 you cant go wrong to get started. Possibly a Vinci Fortus mitt for around $100.