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  1. Ksphenom

    A little custom glove comparison

    I ordered a custom RICO and a custom 44 Pro glove. I used the custom glove builder from each site and just want to see which one I get first and compare the quality of the build. I'll post some real info on turn time, cost, and get some feedback from the DD. Here is the preview of what I...
  2. Ksphenom

    Can you be to competitive

    This was in an article on extra innings softball site that had me thinking about my daughter's competitiveness. "HOW DO YOU THINK THE PLAYERS FEEL ABOUT LAST YEAR? Coach Nelson: Defeat! This team has been so successful because they feel the defeat that others don’t. It’s burns them inside...
  3. Ksphenom

    OKC Challenge 2019

    If your going this year post up here! Sent from my SM-G935P using Tapatalk
  4. Ksphenom

    The last practice ever

    Had the privilege of watching a father pitch to his daughter for the last time tonight for her final batting practice in her softball career. She's a Senior at Colorado State University. I got to take their picture after the batting session. Cool and emotional. I don't think it sunk in until...
  5. Ksphenom

    Turning a corner

    Or should I should I say destroying a corner. That day when stars are aligned, the socks are squared up and the tongue is held just right. Ha ha.. You know the feeling <When the DD has the best practice of her entire life. It starts to draw a crowd and you couldn't be any more proud! That was...
  6. Ksphenom

    Nokona in Nacona TX

    Anyone here ever drive to the factory and take the tour?
  7. Ksphenom

    DD going lefty

    Proud my DD decided on her own to switch to the left side. A great move and looks like a natural lefty... https://photos.app.goo.gl/cLn4cgKdBwf5jNTk2 Sent from my SM-G935P using Tapatalk
  8. Ksphenom

    Tucking Glove on infield when throwing

    So some old school knowledge/teaching came up the other day. The conversation was centered on tucking the glove after fielding a ball and throwing it in the infield. I feel this technique is outdated for today's game. I'd love to hear thoughts on this subject. Sent from my SM-G935P using...
  9. Ksphenom

    Coach Experience

    I've been disappointed in people trying to coach softball that think just because they've played a high level this gives them the gift of coaching. Just because you've played the game at D1, D2 level doesn't seem to automatically translate into good a coach.. I'm sure plenty of D1, D2 and...
  10. Ksphenom

    Moving for kids sports

    I was curious to see how many people would or have moved because of kids sports. I've been asked several times if we've considered doing this for the athletic advantages this could give my DD. Sent from my SM-G935P using Tapatalk
  11. Ksphenom

    Roster size as teams age to 14U

    Had some parents express some dissatisfaction with a 12th player added to the team. In fact so much so they left to become the 12th player on another team. :) As team ages up it seems to be just a fact of life to have some pitchers that pitch only and don't play other positions on the team...
  12. Ksphenom

    Slappernation clinics

    Anyone have any DD's go to these Slapping Clinic's. Slapping seems like it's going the way of the Knuckle ball throwers. Give me some feedback from the camp/clinic.
  13. Ksphenom

    Need help with USSSA forced move

    Here is the dilemma. First year team playing in the first "B" USSSA tournament of the year. The girls won 6 straight games and had 5+ run differential. Get notice today we've being run already to "A". Mandatory! No competition local only out of state. I don't think 9 year old girls shouldn't be...
  14. Ksphenom

    USSSA OKC Challenge 2017

    Anyone on this fourm going to USSSA OKC Challenge in June? Looks like we're going to head South and see some new teams. 239 total teams signed up. Fun fun fun. :)
  15. Ksphenom


    Shameful! Yeah first year 10U and we had the most horrible deal that was just beyond my wife and me. Game has 8 minutes and we’re down a run. The other team is home and is running the clock out with the slowest walk to the plate ever and the 3rd base coach telling his 1st and 2nd batter to...