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  1. Westwind

    Bat Speed vs. Exit Speed?

    Question for my peeps who look at metrics often: 1) If a player has a 65 mph bat speed, I would expect her to have exit speed of (blank). Exit speed is faster than bat speed, right? 2) Does it seem right to you that some really good D1 hitters have bat speed meas by Blast Motion in the upper...
  2. Westwind

    Half bats/flat bats

    Have been seeing the half bats and drills all over the hitting twitters. Looks like a lot of college sb teams are using them. I like the idea of this and would like to hear some thoughts from DFP’ers.
  3. Westwind

    PGF website

    Anybody else pulling their hair out with this? Having trouble getting birth certificates uploaded and players age verified SO I CAN ENTER TOURNAMENTS. Jeezus pete the administrative end of coaching is it's own nightmare.
  4. Westwind

    Pocket Radar, Sports Radar Users, Cosine Angle Error

    With the availability of affordable high quality Doppler radar equipment, I see on forums and at ball fields that a lot of users don’t understand how to use them well. I also see a lot of misunderstanding of how it works. Handheld radar units are most accurate when the ball is moving directly...
  5. Westwind

    USF! Games! It’s on!

    LETS HAVE SOME FUN, Y’All! USF tournament in Tampa. Some cool sub plots here! Florida. University of South Florida. Michigan. Fresno State. Illinois State. Illinois State upset USF yesterday. The winning pitcher was Morgan Day who beat LSU as a freshman a couple years ago in what was an...
  6. Westwind

    Let’s talk about "machine pitch-able" balls

    I have a three wheel pitching machine that will throw either dimple machine balls or leather cover softballs. These high quality machines are becoming more mainstream and I see them in common use more and more. Upper left is a leather cover Worth Dream Seam. 47 COR, 375 compression. Has...
  7. Westwind


    This guy gets it. Keep grinding, Aggies! Follow Coach Casey Smith on Twitter. #BeElite.
  8. Westwind

    Who has implemented randomized training?

    I have been reading about the benefits of randomized trading vs. block training. Have any of you consciously moved toward randomized training? I believe I have done it a little, basically stumbling into it by varying block training constantly (varied block training is probably still block...
  9. Westwind

    Ideal percent of speed change for changeup

    What percentage of speed change is ideal from a pitchers fastest pitch to her change up? The best changeups usually have more than just a speed change that makes them effective, but from a speed only perspective, what is ideal?
  10. Westwind

    Easton small batch glove 50% off

    AD, any deals here? https://www.softballfans.com/equipment/fielding-gloves/easton-small-batch.html?utm_source=Mailchimp&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=Easton_Small_batch_10-25-19&mc_cid=f6613f6828&mc_eid=d39d0e0d0c
  11. Westwind

    Umpires: Lineup card training?

    To all of our umpires and experienced coaches: I’m trying to improve my understanding of lineup cards, allowable substitutions and creative ways to get players in and out of games. I am a former assistant coach that has been thrust into a head coaching spot. I still have the entire coaching...
  12. Westwind

    Sale Forums

    Every website that I frequent that has a selling or exchange forum has a similar rule. The reason for the rule is your questions about the item can cause doubt in the minds of potential buyers. It isn't fair to the seller. Having an active, vibrant selling section can really increase the...
  13. Westwind

    College Recruiting. Is Softball doing it wrong?

    I always knew that men’s sports commit later than women’s. I saw today that Iowa State basketball just committed its first 2020. He is a 6’5” point guard from Georgia that had offers from Georgia Tech and Mississippi State. It says in the article that the Iowa State Coach has recruited...
  14. Westwind

    People with Title IX experience

    Our school district created a “summer sports fitness program”. They made it a “pilot program” and offered it only to male student athletes. What really irritated me is the athletic director (a total knucklehead) and a male board member carried on about how they “wanted to make sure everyone...
  15. Westwind

    Player Profile Sheets

    I swear there was a good thread on creating profile sheets posted recently. Tried the site search, tried external google search and I cant find it. Seems like someone mentioned that they had talked to numerous coaches, asked what they wanted to know and created a sheet from that feedback. I...
  16. Westwind

    Equipment Buying Hacks And Advice

    Let’s all put our heads together here and come up with some best practices to save new members trouble and money. Please post your ideas! As stuff gets added, I can edit/cut/paste/add to the post. I’ll start with a couple things I do...... Bats: Always buy new bats from a reputable dealer...
  17. Westwind

    Bat for mushy balls?

    Ok, another thread mentioned how at tournaments they are noticing that the balls are “mushy”. So.... DD claims that she can feel that when a bat is new, she can feel that the ball doesn’t compress the bat as well as an older well broken in bat. So, if this is true, and the new bat has...
  18. Westwind

    Site hiccup?

    Looks like the site had to be backed up earlier today? What happened?
  19. Westwind

    LH catcher positing for tag

    LH catcher position for tag Question from a guy that knows nothing about catching and whose dd doesn’t catch. I just want to know.... How should a left handed player set up for tag play at the plate? How does a right handed player set up? Is it any different? Couple of us stood around home...
  20. Westwind

    Old school Stealth questions

    Were the old school Easton Stealths considered pretty bullet proof like Eastons one piece bats of the same era? How close to catastrophic failure is an old Stealth with the famous paint line?