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  1. Golfclubgreg

    Xeno or LXT....

    DD has both and several others, lol, I have a problem but thats another issue. The LXT is definitely a hotter bat in my mind and my DD's.. She is a power style hitter and would pick the lxt's over the xeno's all day
  2. Golfclubgreg

    So who has started playing again?

    A couple from Moorehead MN I noticed were coming, but not many more I saw. Just lots of ND teams. Lots of high school programs putting teams together it looks like to me. DD supposed to be doing more traveling with IP but just kinda holding tight right now.
  3. Golfclubgreg

    So who has started playing again?

    ND here, local teams been up and practicing for 2-3 weeks. First tourney is next weekend and has a record number of teams entered for an early bird.
  4. Golfclubgreg

    Bat Path

    15, 5-10 and 225, still growing lol swinging a 34 -8
  5. Golfclubgreg

    Bat Path

    Ok read the edit, thanks will give that a try. Power for her is easy, hit them out on 300's with front toss. Shes young yet so we are just trying to get this right!! Thanks
  6. Golfclubgreg

    Bat Path

    ok to me on most, it looks to be toe or nothing. so she needs to keep more weight on her backside? or just more of a balance thing?
  7. Golfclubgreg

    Bat Path

    so looking at DD’s lower half, it’s ok for that back foot to somewhat leave the ground? just trying to understand what’s now over my head lol
  8. Golfclubgreg

    Blast Motion Sensor

    DD got one through her Org, We use it to see the numbers, but I too dont know enough to do anything about it. I just pitch and go to the other side of the fence to pick them up and say good job lol. Swing speed and exit velo are great. Ball goes really far. Plane, connection, rotation, all over...
  9. Golfclubgreg

    Ringor cleats?

    Dad has had all three, she likes the turfs the least as the toe protect is put on to high. She just shreds the bottoms under the toe piece
  10. Golfclubgreg

    Newer Anderson Rocketech

    lol its not any more over weight than any of the ghosts we have. would not get this bat for a beginner or someone that needs more swing help. Still hits absolute bombs!! 60 degrees and under or machine pitch its one of the Andersons or the Camwood for practice. Exit speed wise it’s there with...
  11. Golfclubgreg

    POLL~Would you fly this summer for S.B.?

    nope, i love driving!!
  12. Golfclubgreg

    Cold Weather Gear

    Under Armour makes baselayer long underwear with temp ratings. DD plays in cold weather up here in ND and the stuff is great.
  13. Golfclubgreg

    Bat Weight Database

    2020 Monsta M-20 34-24 actual 24.1 oz
  14. Golfclubgreg

    Walk Up Song? What is yours?

    DD as a freshman in high school last year had “Here comes the Boom” from POD. Play on a high school turf field with a fairly loud system lol. No travel walk ups though
  15. Golfclubgreg


    Ok, DD and I did some testing last night to see for ourseves what would be some exit speed info on a large group of bats we have accumulated. But for here I will say the two bats are very similar. Sounds are different. The knob on the advanced is smaller and rubber coated, not as small as the...
  16. Golfclubgreg

    Newer Anderson Rocketech

    just take it and line it back up with your hands if you are gonna game it(lol kind of hard to do). The bat does have great pop in the winter months as well as summer. Hit dimple balls as well, never an issue
  17. Golfclubgreg

    HELP! North Dakota travel softball?

    Up here most of the girls are prepping for school ball. In ND you can play high school sports as soon as 7th grade. Minot does have turf fields so thats a bonus in spring. Very good high school program and from there you bounce into travel around the first week in June. Travel all depends on how...