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    OF Drills

    100% right. We drill, drill, drill, for technique, but I will always say the absolute best OF practice is getting reads off live on-field hitting. Set 3 outfielders up in normal positions, have them start in random spots to work on other angles, mix it up, but IMO there is no better substitute...
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    If you build it they will come

    I've been in "conversations" with my school board for a couple years about renovations of my fields. You want to come out East and present to my board for me? lol Really nice facilities. Enjoy them when you get the chance!
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    I was on an NFCA call last night with NFCA board members, attorneys, and DI coaches and they were all in agreement they did not feel the recruitment window would be extended. I don't believe anyone was happy with the decision, but that was the consensus of the group. Lots of comments were made...
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    Getting started on time

    @BigSkyHi - Nate is so good!
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    Video overlay fun

    Good stuff. Rob Friedman (@pitchingninja) on twitter had started doing some great softball overlays before the shut down. His baseball overlays are incredible.
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    Yep. I've had more than a few conversations today with players crying their eyes out. Asking if we could all just get together one more time. Some of you may not have much regard for HS ball, but we do. Our area takes it very serious. This squad is an incredible group of young women, let alone...
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    Best softball story

    No kidding?? Huh, shows my bowling ignorance, lol. Well, it was funny in the moment...
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    Best softball story

    Love it! In a middle school PE class one day, I told a girl who was STRUGGLING rolling the rubber bowling ball that she had a LH ball and needed to go ask the other PE teacher for a RH one. She was one of my buddies kids, so it made it even better.
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    Best softball story

    A fun one... We were a young coaching staff full of collegiate baseball/basketball/softball players, so sarcasm and messing with people was 2nd nature for us. Nothing mean, just lots of fun. We were coaching HS ball in Illinois, playing in a big tournament in KY for the weekend. We had...
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    No practices of any kind-a message from our district

    PA has went to the phrase "until further notice" as to how long school districts will be closed. All spring sports are still considered postponed, as to hold on to hope of an abbreviated regular season and post season. As per the topic, the first day PA shut schools, my district closed all...
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    "Arkansas" played for me a few years ago. Her last name was Rockey, of course everyone called her Rock. She also wasn't the biggest kid, so her teammates called her Little Rock...so naturally, one day at practice I yelled something her way that began with "Let's go, Arkansas...". We don't live...
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    Best college softball game ever (that is NOT the Oklahoma/FL marathon :))

    That I've seen? 2009 Illinois HS State Championship. 0-0 for 17.5 innings, then we won in the bottom of the 18th. ;) That was a fun one to be in the dugout.
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    Hitting during practice

    I'd love a 2 bay cage! Thats on my wish list. With 12 kids, I may set up something like this... 2 in each cage (4 total) - 1 hitting, 1 "on deck". Set up different approaches in each cage. For example - 1 cage be a 2 strike cage(or whatever count you want to use), the other 3 plate hitting...
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    Hitting during practice

    We do something similar to this. We almost have enough 7x7 screens to go from 1st to 3rd. We line them up in the base path and hit front toss from HP. We call it the Great Wall of Ground Balls. Goal is to hit line drives over the top of the screens. No ground balls, no pop outs.
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    Hitting during practice

    What type of equipment do you have? Tees? Cage? Nets? Break them up into groups and run stations. If you have the space and equipment that’s the best way to keep them busy and focused. If you want to get some live defensive reps with it, put 9 in positions, one on deck, two on the bases and...
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    New Kai Correa video with SF Giants

    The KK are what we use, and a couple 975S. John is a great guy and treats his customers extremely well!
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    New Kai Correa video with SF Giants

    Kai is so good. If you ever get a chance to see him present, I highly recommend it. He's one of the best. btw...those pancakes he's using at the beginning are really nice. My girls hate them, that's how you know they're good. ;)
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    Walk Up Song? What is yours?

    Sabotage by the Beastie Boys. Always.
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    Watching games on TV

    looking at the ESPN schedule, I think I may have given you bad info. It looks like the subscription route is your best bet. There doesn’t look to be a ton of games on +. Most are being carried on 3, U, and the SEC/ACC/LONGHORN networks. My apologies.
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    Bucket Dad from PA

    Centre County, here. Welcome!