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    1B Glove/Mitt Question

    Is it legal to use a 1B mitt at any position other than 1B and Catcher? I didn't really care, but played a game the other day where they brought a pitcher in the 3rd inning who was playing 1B for the first two and she used her same 1B mitt while pitching. Only noticed it because it was white...
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    DD had an awesome game today (pitcher)

    My daughter is a first year 10U and has been pitching since last August (when I threw her into lessons because I need a pitcher for brand new team that was formed sort of last minute) Pitched pretty well in the fall but as her velocity increased over the winter her control went down. Not too...
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    Batting Order for a weak hitting team with weird rules (10U

    I coach a 10U c (at best) team with almost all first year "travel" players. A couple played on an 8U team last year, but most have one or two at most rec experience up until now. The league we're playing in has two 10U divisions, one is a normal 10U, ours is more developmental. They installed...
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    9u DD critique (very young new pitcher)

    My daughter started pitching this fall when I had no pitchers and needed someone who could throw it over the plate. By the end of the fall she actually had some decent success, and in our last tournament struck out 15 and walked 11 in two games. I was very happy with that. I’ve read all the...
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    DD pitched awesome in her first tournament as a pitcher

    My DD pitched in her first tournament as a pitcher today. 3 game tourney. First off, I am the coach of the team. We’re a VERY young town travel team playing 10U with almost all 9s and a couple to 8s playing up (my daughter is 9). We need quite a bit of work to brcome competitive even in our...

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