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    Seasons and Tourneys Cancelled?

    Local sports league canceled ALL spring sports (softball, baseball, soccer, lax, etc) for two weeks starting today to be re-evaluated weekly. Then when you add in school's spring break, we'll be lucky to start the spring season by mid April. Shove it all into 6 weeks, I guess between start of...
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    Travel Ball is Killing Rec Ball

    Held our rec clinic last night for rec girls. 82 girls signed up for the rec program. 10 showed up, My older daughter (2nd year 10U) practiced with them. She's in her third year of travel ball. She's a decent player, but no where near the top of our current team, bottom third, probably...
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    Travel Ball is Killing Rec Ball

    So this is a really long thread, and some of this has been mentioned, but I wanted to chime in with something I'm seeing in my local league. I've posted before about the problem's were facing. Rec ball is terrible locally. We're lucky to get enough girls to fill 1 team at the higher age level...
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    What makes you lose your mind?

    Ahh the “Did we win” question. I had a girl last year that asked Every. Single. Game. We were not a good team. When we did occasionally win, I was bouncing off the walls of the dugout and people 3 fields over could tell something was happening. No, sweetie, we just lost 17-2, we didn’t win. Very...
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    What makes you lose your mind?

    Ha, posted same time.
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    What makes you lose your mind?

    My number one pet peeve, makes me crazy, and drives me to drink is taking a called third strike. Swing the damn bat. We're in 10U still, I don't care if you swing a a pitch that is in the dirt or over your head if you're being aggressive, but looking at that third strike and walking off...
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    What's the worst thing you had to give up/pass on for softball?

    I still make beer (occasionally, not as often as I'd like) and I can always buy beer. Sometimes, depending on how the game went, I might NEED to buy beer ...
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    What's the worst thing you had to give up/pass on for softball?

    Before kids (and even after kids but before they played sports) I was an avid homebrewer. Made all kinds of beer, wine, etc. Was actively involved in my local club and attended the national homebrew conference a few times. It was great. The best day of the year was Big Brew Day, the first...
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    Please tell me it will get better

    There's some truth in here for anyone else going through a similar problem. When I sort of took on a team last year at the last minute the first thing I did was throw my daughter into pitching lessons. She's now the third pitcher on a MUCH better team, but she's a pitcher. And her PC wants me...
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    Please tell me it will get better

    That's rough. I can't imagine our local rec league running a 10U program without modified coach pitch. There just isn't enough pitching, and all the girls that are taking lessons have already moved on to travel. Just keep trying to make sure the girls are improving. I had a similar team last...
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    New 10u Rec Coach

    I coached a team last year that was essentially a first year 10U rec team. If the kids worked on pitching outside of practice, they got circle time. You'll figure out who actually can pitch pretty early on, but by giving everyone a shot it shuts the parents up when you start giving the girls...
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    New 10U team - talk me off the ledge

    It depends on the level of TB. Honestly, in my area, Town Travel isn't much better than rec, and maybe 1 out of 4 teams is an actual registered TB team (ours is, albeit a C level and we'll be in a few C level tourneys this Spring.) Well, it is better than rec because the rec product is SO bad...
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    New 10U team - talk me off the ledge

    10U are the worst two years (at least that's what the older coaches tell me, I'm still in 10U for my older and 8U for my younger.) Pitchers are still learning, batters are afraid of getting hit. And because the games take so long because of all the walks, the fielders fall asleep so if there...
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    Off-season Finally Over

    My daughter is a young, new pitcher, pitching a little over a year. I shut her down in Nov and Dec because she was getting a little worn out towards the end of the season and it was showing that she wasn't loving every second of it. It was over winter break between Christmas and New Years when...
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    What is your current Situation?

    Older daughter 2nd year 10U, younger 1st year 8U. Coaching both (head coach of the 8U team and helping out with the 10U whenever I can.) You have to have some of us "new guys" around to soak up all the knowledge you all have!
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    Tryout season ugggh!!!

    How are the tryouts you've been at that are run well, in your opinion, structured? My DD is a second year 10U and only plays on a town travel team, I've been involved in helping the coaches that have been in the program for years run the tryouts and every one I've been to has been exactly this...
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    I like this too. As a 10U coach I ended a few practices early and took my team to watch older teams in our organization finish a game or two so they could experience a higher level of play. I never thought about them going the other way, but I know as a coach that would be a huge boost to the...
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    Accuracy and hitting batters 10u

    Our league has a rule that you can't hit more than 3 batters in an inning or 5 in a game. After the 3rd in an inning you have to play somewhere else (But can come back in to pitch) after 5 in a game you can't pitch anymore. We haven't hit that threshold this year, but saw a game where they did...
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    What are parents thinking.

    Heard from the stands in my last game from my one player's mother that "coach needs to put someone taller on first base." She said it at least twice in the stands, making sure she was loud enough I could hear. Shocker, her girl is one of the taller on the team. I'd prefer to NOT put the girl...
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    1B Glove/Mitt Question

    Is it legal to use a 1B mitt at any position other than 1B and Catcher? I didn't really care, but played a game the other day where they brought a pitcher in the 3rd inning who was playing 1B for the first two and she used her same 1B mitt while pitching. Only noticed it because it was white...

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