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  1. STRIKE3

    #2 is just as important as #1 - High School Pitchers

    So decided to throw this out there as experience and history has showed this is the case. DD1 has become the number 2 do to the addtion of a new #1 FROSH who throws 65 consistently. No lie, this girl is a freak of nature and while many would be discouraged, this has been a gift. DD1 is going to...
  2. STRIKE3

    Barry Bonds vs. Finch

    I don't miss too much but I had never seen this one. Must have slipped thru the cracks but really enjoyed the clip. Thought I would share as sometimes we need a feel good vid to take the mind away from things. Enjoy!
  3. STRIKE3

    Walk Up Song? What is yours?

    OK. Walk up songs can be viewed as silly but what is yours. My DD is heading to Auburn next year and she has chosen Lynyrd Skynyrd Sweet Home Alabama for her walk up song. No, her home is not Alabama but it represents where her new home will be...I guess?? Happy for her but even more happy she...
  4. STRIKE3

    Team Mexico - Barnhill pitching

    Watching the Puerto Vallarta College Challenge Weekend 2 and all of a sudden Barnhill is pitching for Team Mexico???? Anyone know anything about that? How is she on that team? I know she has played for Team USA in some form or fashion in the past but now Team Mexico? Nothing against her or the...
  5. STRIKE3

    2020 Softball Pitching Rule Changes Discussed - Amanda Scarborough

    I came across this on twitter.
  6. STRIKE3

    Drop OBBAY a quick message if you have the time

    DFP, Many of you are new but we still have some of us old timers around and hopefully that will continue. With that said, we had a member here that lost a promising college softball player but much more importantly a beautiful young daughter that didn't make it through a relatively routine...
  7. STRIKE3

    Pauly Girl Fastpitch Online University

    Not sure if many follow Rick Pauly or not but the oldtimers know how much I respect him. Rick has helped me a few times over the years by simply emailing him videos of my oldest and asking for help. I can't say enough good things about him and there is no doubt he knows pitching. With all that...
  8. STRIKE3

    Miss St. Kentucky blown call. How can you miss that???

    I always preface "ump" discussions by saying there are some really good ones out there. Of course, there are some really bad ones as well and some that just shouldn't ever ump again like these goofballs. How do you miss the runner not in the running lane? How do you miss the obstruction on the...
  9. STRIKE3

    UMP is going to get the pitcher killed

    So here is the situation. HS ball in North Texas and many good umps and some real pieces of S***! Played several games thus far with good umps. Definition of good umps is they call strikes if it is in the "strike zone". What a flippin concept right??? Tonight played a game which was the second...
  10. STRIKE3

    Velocity is for show but spin is for dough!

    It is that time of the year where there is alot of softball kicking up again. I always have to remind myself how important spins and spots are versus velocity. Yes, we all strive for top velocity and I would never tell anyone not to work on it. BUT don't leave out what IMO is even more important...
  11. STRIKE3

    Limited-edition pxt ice fastpitch bat

    Anyone see this bat yet. I personally think it looks sharp and had not seen it until I got an email earlier today. Won't be buying it anytime soon at full price but curious nonetheless. Interesting that is says "NOT APPROVED FOR NCAA PLAY"...
  12. STRIKE3

    Keep an eye on Bama's Montana Fouts

    One of the great joys of softball to me is watching kids grow up and seeing what they go on to do whether it is softball or just simply in life. That said, I always get jazzed to watch players enter college after I have been watching them a few years in travel ball. Enter....Montana Fouts who...
  13. STRIKE3

    Softball now a revenue sport......really!

    seems to be going in the right direction ;);) https://www.softballamerica.com/stories/ncaa-softball-is-now-a-revenue-sport/
  14. STRIKE3

    Detachment and timing. Is 3:00 absolute?

    Starting this thread in the hopes of having a discussion around detachment, 3:00 being an absolute or not, and more importantly TIMING of arm rotation and drive to maximize velocity. I can show you as they are posted all over DFP complete detachment by 3:00 by many of the best to have ever...
  15. STRIKE3

    Garcia - both feet moving

    Made a post in another thread and want to add to it here. Rules for the most part in the US are that you have to keep both feet touching a 6" by 24" rubber. The 6" are from drive foot to stride foot. This in not alot of space to work from as most of you know! It can be very difficult to get...
  16. STRIKE3

    Doug Gillis at pitching clinic

    Looks like this was taken in August
  17. STRIKE3

    Compound Pendulum Effect

    This article aligns well with other points scattered throughout DFP including Rick's 4 points of resistance. Golf Lag and the Compound Pendulum | Golf Loopy - Play Your Golf Like a Champion
  18. STRIKE3

    Best to fall in love with the school and not the coach - turnover is HIGH

    Thought it was interesting that I just saw the Army West Point Coach at the Ronald McDonald this past Sunday. She was there watching a couple of our girls play 2 games. Next day she resigns. Anyway, it led me to list of all the Head Coach changes JUST this year. WOW! I knew there was turnover...
  19. STRIKE3

    Here is what 73-77 mph looks like part 2 - Adduction

    posting a second thread on this one as to take it in a different direction. Anyone see any ADDuction here?? Sorry, my video skills stink but hopefully you get the point and can see something maybe you wouldn't have seen otherwise.
  20. STRIKE3

    Here is what 73-77 mph looks like

    For whatever reason I really enjoy Japanese softball videos. I always pick up things despite not understanding a word they are saying. Anyway, cool video of what it looks like to stand in the box and have a 73-77 mph coming at you....:eek: check out the :46 second mark and then about the 4:30...

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