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    COACHES~HIT or WALK whats better?

    I’m not sure I fully understand. Is there a count on already in this situation or are you asking if I would send my best hitter up to bat with runners on 2nd and 3rd looking for a walk, because well WHAT??? If you are asking if I would allow the girl to swing away with with a 2-0/3-0 count then...
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    New Guidelines For The Team ~ What will your team do? What to expect.

    I am not sure anyone argued against risk mitigation. Of course there should and will be new guidelines everyone must follow, in every aspect of our lives. I think where some disagree is to the extent of those guidelines. To me a spotter at practice monitoring face touching is a bit much. That...
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    New Guidelines For The Team ~ What will your team do? What to expect.

    Make no mistake, there will be a new normal for everything including softball. That new normal should NOT be monitoring face touching and washing hands every 5 minutes. Spacing in the bench, ball changes/cleanings, no high fives, etc., those are risk mitigations that will not take away from the...
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    New Guidelines For The Team ~ What will your team do? What to expect.

    I think, unfortunately, that is an issue for those specific families. They will need to make the choice to not participate, not the other way around.
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    How to Play Softball During a Pandemic

    If there are serious stipulations involved that change how the game is played, coached or otherwise, then it may not be time to start it back up. On the other hand, if people feel it is safe enough to even think about playing with these modified rules and “precautions,” then just play ball...
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    The coach decides what is best for the team. If a player really wants to play another position, it is up to them to make that known to the coach and to put the work in to get better and show why they belong at that position. As a coach, I would never let a player/parent dictate to me where...
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    Does Size Matter in S.B.?

    My daughter is 11 years old, 4' 6", and is 70 lbs soaking wet. She is almost always the smallest girl on the field and I LOVE the looks of the other teams/coaches when they see her throwing (pitching) mid-40's. Not looks of intimidation, they are looks of impressiveness and respect. She...
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    Travel Ball is Killing Rec Ball

    On top of that, just wait until another parent finds out some kid/family is getting a huge discount because of “skill.” Yikes.
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    Travel Ball is Killing Rec Ball

    This a giant advantage of independent teams vs larger orgs (I’m generalizing here). Larger orgs may be in it for the profit, independent teams seek sponsorships to lower family costs and are volunteer run. Independent teams (dads who start teams :eek:) allow these girls who come from lower...
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    Playing too much and burn out for 10u ? Any happy medium?

    Are you the only family who feels this way or are there others? If there are others maybe just speak with the coach and discuss cutting back the tourneys a bit. If you are the only (or one of few) family who feels this way then maybe you are just on the wrong team for you and your daughters...
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    Softball war stories

    D Did that team even have a girl that could catch her? If I were the ump, I would be dodging at some point.
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    DD approached to play lacrosse; good idea or no?

    I do not think being knowledgeable in lacrosse or understanding if being a catcher translates to lacrosse goalie will help you help her. If the HC of the lacrosse team is begging her to play he clearly believes she can play the position. The real decision here is whether her playing lacrosse...
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    No way. That is a coach quitting on his team in the middle of a game. No excuse and will likely happen again. I'd be gone.
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    What makes you lose your mind?

    *Rec Ball* 1. About the time every girl turns 13 2. When a girl on first just stands there on a passed ball and then I yell something and both her and the first base coach give the "I don't know" shrug. 3. When I'm talking to the team at the end of a practice or game and there is that one girl...
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    Good thing there are two head coaches! Seriously though some context might help. Did he leave because he was upset with the other coach, he was sick, etc...? Did he leave the complex/field or just go sit in the bleachers? If he left because he was upset that would be unacceptable to me as a...
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    Anyone heard of Game Ready softball series??

    The show is ok, my daughter likes it. The background music is absolutely annoying, I can’t hear them talking at times.
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    Situations/ Relays/ preventing extra bases

    Most of this battle is to get the girls into the mindset that the play is not over, always look for the next play to either hold a runner or make a throw. Safe or no safe, the play goes on. I try to instill this in all drills, infield drills to first for example, first always comes off the base...
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    The flute player

    Yeah I hear you and feel like I should clarify. I wouldn't actually say that part to my child. Kids are pretty smart and can come to those conclusions on their own. The good kids have empathy (quietly or actively supporting), the few not so good kids use it as a means to make fun. As a coach I...
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    The flute player

    As far as addressing the kids that do show up. I would simply explain to my daughter (like I do in other situations) that unfortunately we do not get to pick our parents and some kids are in worse situations than her so sometimes exceptions need to be made in order for those kids to be given a...
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    Unethical Pitching Coach

    Not sure the policies of this site but if he is local to you then I imagine social media (yours, your wife's, any softball related TB orgs, etc...) is going to be your best bet to get the word out in your area.

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