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  1. machine

    Best softball story

    DD's 15U tryouts - Trying to make jump from 'B' to 'A' level. Super reach type Org had really early tryouts and I managed to get DD to go as a "Warm-Up" to prepare for other tryouts. She loved tryout and was like "I really want to make the team". Signed Her up for another tryout a few days...
  2. machine

    The Future of Recruiting

    My DD is a 2020. Interesting ride for her so far: Got verballed just before rule change. Coaching change drama @ start of last summer season. Did get 2 official visits with multi-year classes - 2019&2020 and 2020&2021, which was awesome! Now this eligibility stuff... With a few seniors playing...
  3. machine

    Loyola Chicago softball

    New coach started in early August. 3 2020's took offers elsewhere before new coach hired. 2 upper class transfers to fill some gaps. Off to good start with 7-3 record.
  4. machine

    New bat recommendation for slapper

    When my DD started slapping lessons at 14 yo she was 5'3" ~118 lbs. 1st thing coach did was move her from 32/22 to 34/24 bat for more plate coverage. This moving up to 34" probably depended on her swing speed. (She also told her to start lifting) She loves the balanced feel of the LXT and the...
  5. machine

    How fast to first base????

    15 yo DD at camp did Laser timed 20 on gym floor from sprinter stance start in 3.01. Feel she could of done better if she had more practice, especially with start. Fastest was girl from Cali @ 2.95. Same DD @ 16 yo - from left side slapping, timing from contact, her fastest is about 2.78...
  6. machine

    Wisconsin Men's Fastpitch

    You can try reaching out to the Aurora Dolan & Murphy Shamrocks... They play out of Aurora Illinois. http://www.aurorafastpitch.org/aurora-dolan-murphy-shamrocks/
  7. machine

    Accutane and Shoulder pain

    DD said it took her about 3 months to get back to normal...
  8. machine

    Accutane and Shoulder pain

    DD was on it starting March through September 2019. Had joint/muscle pain, minor vision issues and fatigue throughout treatment impacting her playing. This was thru start of Junior year HS Varsity till end of Travel Ball(PGF/TCS). At end of travel she was a wreck. She is a...
  9. machine

    How Many emails to send to a College Coach?

    When DD got serious, I setup a website for her containing clips, tournament history and profile. Through the season new content would be added. Any emails included a reference to this site and/or links to new content. DD had a list of schools and sent out emails before tournaments with...
  10. machine

    Not sure what size bat to move up to

    All depends on her swing and preference... I.e. balanced or end loaded... Xeon is end loaded so she may not feel confident with it. Have her work with it and if she isn't feeling it maybe you want to go with a more balanced 34-10 like an LXT. DD has been swinging a 34-10 LXT since 16u and she...
  11. machine


    18U DD has settled on having back foot on base to push off. She says you are farther into base path. She has tried other styles, but this is what works for her now. Will see if he College Coach concurs... She is a speedster, so your mileage might vary... :) As a spectator I have seen the...
  12. machine

    How Many Bats in the Bag?

    2 bats 34/10 - 2019 LXT 34/10 - 2018 Rawlings Quatro Pro Biggest reason for 2 is if one breaks... LXT is daily driver and is a replacement for a LXT that broke... Got Rawlings from CoreSoftball because that's the brand her future college team uses... Didn't like the Rawlings until she put one...
  13. machine

    At what point Travel ball? or are we already too late.?

    IMO... The key is proper structured practice with playing time. My DD's rec teams didn't have enough proper training. Her years at the C level were filled with enough structured training and playing time. Nice thing is that the coach needed to develop his players vs. just taking talent and...
  14. machine

    At what point Travel ball? or are we already too late.?

    DD tried 2 years to make move to TB and finally made it on 12U C level team. Two years there then moved to 14U B team for a year. Made jump to 16U A team and has played at that level for last 4 years. Played JV for 2 years before making Varsity(stacked varsity team). Just signed NLI today and...
  15. machine

    What is the goal to all of this?

    For my kids I let them do all kinds of Rec sports and then around 12-13 years old they can move to a travel team if they have found a sport they like enough to focus on. DD played Rec Soccer and Softball until she was 13 yo. She loved Softball and was ready to move on to travel @ 13U. She...
  16. machine

    WCWS Slappers out of the box

    1st thing DD's slapper coach did was have her ditch her 32" bat for a 34"... With her being a 14 yo, 5'4" 115 lb. kid at the time I was questioning this in my mind. Seems to go against everything you read about bat sizing, but it has worked out well especially with the new rule changes. Was a...
  17. machine

    Is DD's slapping talent where it needs to be?

    DD, who is 17U now, switched at 15U. She was gonna focus on slapping, but she mostly hit away for the first few years. This helped her reach her goal of becoming a triple threat. It's nice to be able to switch between hitting away and slapping, especially if one isn't working :). She...
  18. machine

    A college coach with his daughter on the team???

    At DePaul Eugene Lenti had two daughters play for him - Ali and Gena Lenti. I think his sister Jean Lenti Ponsetto is Athletic Director too...
  19. machine

    Biggest jump in bat size in one year?

    She switched in the winter and had time to adjust. Played B level in spring and did fine. She has no problem swinging it, but each kid is different... She is now 120 lbs and playing PGF... Working on slapping...

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