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    what do you all do with jerseys, t shirts, etc. from previous orgs

    reading the thread about names on jerseys got me thinking about the large collection DD has of jerseys, t shirts from previous teams. Most still fit (we generally sized her large when we ordered, thinking they could last haha:ROFLMAO:). she must have at least 20 jerseys+t shirts (DW has...
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    does anyone know if ASA has

    team rankings, records, tournaments played in, etc. like USSSA has. team DD is on now is playing ASA as well as USSSA (which is all she has generally played in the past, other than unsanctioned events), does anyone know is ASA has team info like USSSA does?
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    Bit of a Scare Saturday

    DD catching, 2nd inning I believe, first pool game, takes foul ball/tip directly off bat to center of helmet right on forehead. She has taken multiple fouls off helmet before, has always shrugged them off (we know she is Ok when she is snarky in response to inquires on her OKness). this one...
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    proper arm angles/mitt placement

    had a coach the other night working with one of the other catchers on DDs team, having her hold her mitt arm straight out basically, almost like a handshake. questioned him on it, coach said it was to start off in good framing position. DD was taught elbow bent, and AC on previous even...
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    have you ever asked someone to guest play

    and in same sentence say "but I cannot guarantee any playing time" to me, if you ask someone to guest play, even if only due to lack of subs, you owe it to them to respect their time (and parents time), and at least play them some (and not a token PA and 2 innings on defense over several pool...
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    is there a way to approach HC without being a jerk

    DDs 4th team in three years, she is 2007, team of 2008, couple 09s (12u B/C team, could be B). DD has bounced a lot for various reasons, but generally all her coaches have appreciated her effort, attitude, etc. this team is in same org as her 2nd team, but different head coach. HC from DD's...
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    is there anything wrong with a quick underhand toss

    is there anything wrong with a quick underhand toss when the recipient is pretty close (say less than 6 ft). 12U, game this sunday, 2b field a grounder (probably 1B should have fielded it, but that is another discussion), was about 3-4 feet from 1B, did an underhand toss to 1B, was missed, cost...
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    recruit or develop

    DD (2nd year 12u) is playing on a mostly first year 12u team, only 11 girls on roster for fall. Coaches are moving girls around a lot, using fall to see what they have (I think 6 or 7 girls are from spring team that played 10u), which is great. after a few friendlies and a one day tourney, a...
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    how to help DD be the leader the team needs.

    DD moved (yet again, old 12u team moved to 14u for 2020) to new team, mostly 2008s (she is 2007). she had guest played for them before in 10u, they are part of same org she was in a couple of years ago in 10u, but a that point she was on team with primarily 2007s when we tried out, it was...
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    which do you prefer?

    run at a bit and stare down before throwing behind a runner, or simply popping and throwing (or throw from knees as soon as ball in hand)? trying to get DD to stop staring at runners with arm cocked, simply note that she thinks she can get a runner, and pop and throw on next pitch. I think at...
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    good start to fall season for DD behind the plate

    12U, new team for DD, first tourney of fall, one day event. not a great offensive day for DD (lot of contact, no hits though), all the pitchers she faced were very slow, which always throws her out of whack. but she caught 3.5 (out of 4 games) on a very unseasonably hot September day...
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    is this believable

    that a HC would say that he did not know that the dark grey blue version of the Ghost was illegal, given how long these bats have been out there? one of our catchers noticed after a girl hit a 2 RBI bomb this weekend, when our coach protested / called it to Umps attention, first he tried to...
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    is this legal, is it proper?

    game yesterday, last innning, home team at bat, 2 outs, runner on first, representing tying run. runner goes on the pitch, C guns ball to second, FU (set up behind bag at time of call) calls runner out, HPU overrules, says safe. Is this allowed, is it correct?
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    metal cleats

    at what age are the players allowed to start wearing them? what are the advantages to them?
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    thoughts on moving cage mounts on helmet

    DD has a helmet she really likes (and she has taken several hard foul balls off it, with no ill effects whatsoever), but I am hearing and seeing a lot that forehead cage mounts are less than desirable, and it kinda makes sense, and hers has these type of mounts. what are the thoughts on moving...
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    is it really necessary?

    for the girls to have all matching everything? HC of DDs team is going to have team buy helmets, cleats, bags, and even batting gloves. this is for a 12u B team, with a lot of variation in the size of the girls (ie tiny things to girls nearly as tall as me). trying to word a communication...
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    have you ever seen

    anyone paint batters box and circle (but still use chalk for baselines in dirt)? not certain if this is best forum, but I am curious. during travel league playoffs, saw one team use paint for all lines, really gave my DD fits as fumes blew into our dugout (asthmatic). Last night, for...
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    DD (2007) has joined a new team, mostly 2008s, core has been together two years now, just moving to 12u. one other 2007 so far on team, really good P, throws really hard, probably in top 15% of what I have seen in 12u. coach set up a scrimmage/friendly near our hometown, based on information...
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    is anyone watching LLSWS?

    does anyone else find the gun numbers they are posting a little too good to be true, 12 yo pitchers all throwing 60+ consistently?
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    DD needs a new bag

    Dd needs a new bag. she currently has a navy/yellow boombah beast, a navy/orange boombah beast, and a demarini momentum bag, each one in varying used condition (although demarini is in very good condition). all of these are inadequate for a fastpitch catcher who uses kneesavers and a batting...

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