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    WTT Bat performance with a chip

    There is a girl on my team with a chip in her bat about the size of a quarter, right in the sweet spot. The outter painted layer (shell) is off and you can see the black Barrel exposed. This bat is atleast 4 years old and the girl couldn't hit a ball out of the infield before this chip appeared...
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    Sore Losers

    So we were at a big tournament over the weekend with teams from 5 or so different states. We played a well known team with a reputation of being very elite. Our team is a newer organization, not so well know outside of our general area. So we played a very good game and our pitcher was keeping...
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    Need Bat Advice.

    I am looking to buy my DD a new bat. I plan on letting her finish the year with her current 2016 LXT 30/19 and buying this new bat to use in her true 12u season starting in the fall. I think it's time she takes the step up to 31 inches based on what have read for her height. My choices are...
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    Am I over reacting?

    So this past weekend we were at a indoor Tournamnet. There was very little room to warm up between games so I was warming my DD up pitching off the the side. The team we were going to be facing in the elimination game had just come off the field and were getting talked to by the head coach. 2...
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    Need Advice

    My DD is first year 12u. She is about 70lbs and currently swinging a 2016 LXT 30/19. She has been much improved this year with hitting, mostly hitting for contact, ground balls in the holes with an occasional line drive into the outfield. I have been thinking about getting her a new bat this...
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    10U Pitching Critique

    My 10 year old DD has been pitching for about 2 years, seriously for about 1. Just curious about constructive feed back anyone may have for her as she heads into her first tournament season as a pitcher. Thanks in advance. She is throwing 42-43mph consistently and has topped out at 45mph...
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    Fielding footwork

    My daughter is a 10u right hand throw. At practice recently the coaches have been giving her a hard time with her grounder foot work. She fields it every time without missing and has a rocket for an arm. But they yell at her because her glove hand foot is behind her throwing hand foot. They...

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