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    Interesting post on Facebook Group about Stay to Play

    all the following happened in ONE stay to play experience (this was 10u team) -everyone on team had different rates for same room -breakfast was cold each morning and they never put enough of anything out. -when I went to front desk to ask for extra towels, was told there was none. I asked how...
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    lets see if this plan holds up
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    Giving seniors an additional year not gonna be easy

    interesting, did not know that was a P5 rule, but is it not an NCAA rule at any level. never did like that year to year thing, thought they should get the scholly for 4 years, unless they flunked out, broke serious rules, tested positive for banned substance, etc.
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    Giving seniors an additional year not gonna be easy

    not true, schools MAY give out multiyear scholarships, but are not required to, and in fact many do not, or at least not to most SAs. and if they have given out a 4 year scholly to someone, and that someone is granted an extra year, it does not commit the school to an extra year of scholly.
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    Giving seniors an additional year not gonna be easy

    only if they choose to, they can decide not to offer any money, reduced money, same money, etc. this commits no money from any school to any athlete. most will probably offer the fifth year seniors greatly reduced or no money.
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    Giving seniors an additional year not gonna be easy

    or it could be they needed 5 year and would have to pay anyway, or they can say thanks, but no thanks, and move one. this leaves it up to the schools to decide the $ thing, then the individuals to figure out what is best for them.
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    Giving seniors an additional year not gonna be easy

    all atheltic scholarships are year to year, coach/school can pull them or reduce from one year to the next at any time. calaslimey (KY BB) did this to several returning players a couple of years ago to make room for incoming frosh (he expects most of his kids to declare early, and if they dont...
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    Giving seniors an additional year not gonna be easy

    not necessarily advocating this, just stating, pretty easy for NCAA schools to allocate athletic scholarships as they see fit. Also, how are schools going to handle situations where (for not just student athletes) the students who are doing the rest of this year as online learning (as is my...
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    Giving seniors an additional year not gonna be easy

    actually, schools can treat each class differently. If the NCAA grants the senior spring sport student athletes eligibility, the schools can allocate their scholarship money any way they see fit, all scholarships are year to year, so schools could decide say to say no scholarships for returning...
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    Giving seniors an additional year not gonna be easy

    I meant the schools/conferences could individually decide to extend seniors for the extra year of eligibility, the same scholarship $ they had for the prior year, part of this, or no $. then the student athlete decides if they want to stay on. and actually, for most spring athletes, they are...
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    Giving seniors an additional year not gonna be easy

    Seniors in spring sports should get extra year of eligibility. if that is on same scholarship money, reduced, or none at all should be up to respective schools and or conferences. since most spring athletes are not on full scholarship, I think you will see a good portion take their degree and...
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    Repair Bownet Bags

    Gorilla tape, used it to repaid the end/bottom of a FH goalkeeper wheelie bag (cheap one, way too much flex, caused bottom to drag on ground), worked great, tough
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    When will travel ball start back up? Poll

    20 years ago, I would have been able to skip Chemistry 101 my first year of college, but as that was my major, opted to take it instead (still got 3 credit hours thought some how from AP to apply towards credit total). now I did take my EU history AP credits and run, not taking history of...
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    Glove conditioner

    read here somewhere, and tried it, seems good so far, LEabeauf (sic) on the inside to lock out sweat and salt from getting into leather from hand. had DD ( I will never put more than pinky and part of thumb into her glove or mitt) put on an old winter glove (ie thick knitted glove, ha her...
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    The flute player

    she went to flute camp instead of playing all stars, and eventually earned a full ride to julliard ;)
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    including those in power and their cheerleaders here who downplayed it and said they personally had it all under control . . . until yesterday when they realized that the misinformation would not passs eye test even to the willfully blind.
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    Seasons and Tourneys Cancelled?

    easy solution, since offense is not supposed to touch ball, is to have two balls for each team, switch out every half inning, have blue where a glove. keeps exposure to half. and maybe a good rub down with hand sanitizer (ie a soacking) pregame
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    Seasons and Tourneys Cancelled?

    IF (BIG IF) the pandemic is contained / winding down near the end of spring semester, what most colleges / conferences should do is have each school schedule a home and home with a nearby school. let these kids at least have a senior day/night. not that hard to coordinate really. but it is a...
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    Seasons and Tourneys Cancelled?

    they can always forgoe any extra eligibility they are granted. I think applying for it is reasonable, leave the decision on what to do with that extra eligiility up to the invididual. some may have been pursuing advanced degrees anyway, or this may prompt some to do so. more education is...
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    My daughter is dreading high school ball approaching

    we do not let others use DDs gear either. in fact, I had to once tell a coach politely to please take her mitt off (he was receiving for the other coach who was hitting to the fielders), as we did not want finger stalls stretched ( I would let another girl borrow mitt as long as hands were not...

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