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  1. J

    Need Help White Pants

    So this past weekend my DD team wore their white pinstripe uniforms. They looked awesome but after the game they were soooooo dirty lol. What are some secrets to getting dirt stains out of white uniforms.??
  2. J

    Team Logo

    I was just interested what does everyone DD Team Logo look like??? This is one of Ours.
  3. J

    Looking for a composite bat for my 7 Year old DD

    So we are on a Travel ball team now, the whole team was basically recommended that we should get a Composite bat for our child. Which i have no problem with. We were going to buy her one anyways. My question being is which bat to buy. I have seen the Easton Ghost 2020 which i think has some pop...
  4. J

    Greetings From South/Central Florida

    Hello to all, we are a family from a lil town called Wauchula, FL, No one knows where this is located so ill try to help. we are an 1 hr 30min away from Orlando lol. I have a 7 year old DD who just joined a 8U travel ball team. So this will be our 1st year doing travel ball and we are excited...
  5. J

    Tournament Snacks

    What are some of the snack you take for your DD during Tournament weekend, i don't like buying out of the concession stand to often cause it can be unhealthy. So i was wondering what are some of the thing your bring for your DD?
  6. J

    DD Not Seeing The Ball

    My DD for some odd reason stop seeing the ball every time she swings she is pulling her head and is looking at her coach (currently playing 8U Coach Pitch Softball). When we work on the tee she has no problem watching the ball but when it comes to her time at the plate she just swings wild and...

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