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  1. OsDad

    Send some good vibes our way.

    There isn't an off-topic forum but- Here in Moore, 6 high-school students were run down on the sidewalk yesterday while they were running for the cross country team. Two are now dead (one of whom was a local softball player) and one is still in critical condition. Send us some good thoughts or...
  2. OsDad

    I knew I kept my Christmas tree up for a reason...

    Just got this PROKB17HT in the mail today from @ANNASDAD . Yes, I have two of this exact same model glove. No, I didn't need another one, and no, I don't care. This glove is immaculate (as if anything AD has would be otherwise) and so far, it my favorite pattern I've ever had my hand in (which...
  3. OsDad

    Olivia, 11 Years Old or: "Another season down, another season of random swing mechanics during each at bat"

    Here are her last two at bats of the season (skip to the end of the first at-bat to see a bloop single) and two swings from her last hitting practice. While I don't know that even her practice swings are "good", they are a lot more athletic and consistent than MOST of her in-game swings (which...
  4. OsDad

    New batting helmet- anything new to consider in the last 6 months or so?

    DD needs a new batting helmet. Any new feedback or news on any of the main brands in the last 6 months or so, since the last thread about them? I'm concerned about safety 1st, visibility 2nd, and a distant 3rd would be weight, I guess.
  5. OsDad

    When your team goes 8-0 before you get in town for the tournament...

    The girls all greeted me and then promptly directed me back outside the park until they finally lose one [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. OsDad

    Checking in with a couple of updated videos of Olivia (will be 11 next month and moving to 12u) to get some critique on.

    (The last videos I posted about a year ago are here: http://discussfastpitch.com/threads/i-give-up.34401/ ) I'm just wanting to get some eyes on her again to see if there is anything glaring that we need to focus on. I'm having a hard time getting her to brush and it seems like she isn't...
  7. OsDad

    Anyone in town (aside from Pattar and I, by default) for the WCWS or have a DD playing in Triple Crown or the OKC Challenge?

    Just wondering if I'm going to run into any other DFP'rs around town.
  8. OsDad

    I may have a problem...

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. OsDad

    I know it’s not a Vinci, but...

    ... I thought maybe you all would want to see a real glove (I kid, I kid!). I think maybe this thing could catch a softball or two (and more than a few eyeballs). The moral to this story is: Don’t give ANNASDAD your number [emoji1787]
  10. OsDad

    New Rawlings PROS204W-2BR (*cough*ANNASDAD*cough*)

    I won this glove and I feel a little bad even putting it on my hand. It’s certainly the nicest glove I’ve ever had on. “A Rawlings.com Exclusive, this Pro Preferred[emoji2400] Bruciato collection features a first-of-its-kind leather Rawlings Patches...” Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. OsDad

    Bradley Gloves numbers 2 and 3

    I’m a HUGE fan of Bradley Gloves for youth players and it was time for DS to get a new glove and DD has decided she wants to learn to catch (I really may not have needed much encouragement to buy new gloves anyway), so I went back to the well. DD has been using her 12” trap from Bradley since...
  12. OsDad

    I give up.

    *This thread has been merged with my other one and videos are a few replies down* I’m convinced there isn’t a pitching coach in this state (Oklahoma) that teaches mechanics that actually mirror what high level pitchers do. I can’t make the idea of paying any more money for instruction that I...
  13. OsDad

    Another great experience with Core!

    I know that most everyone here knows this but just in case anyone is on the fence, or for the next time a new member comes around- I doubt I'll ever buy another bat from anyone but Core (@CoreSoftball20, Core Softball | Lehigh Valley Softball Retailer). The communication was fantastic. In fact...
  14. OsDad

    9 year old DD’s swing- can I get some clarification?

    I’m trying to get a better understanding of some concepts like turning the barrel, and coiling around the rear hip, etc. I understand that her swing isn’t good but I’m needing help pinpointing some things. Is there anything in these two videos that’s is right/good? That will help me know what...
  15. OsDad

    First circle time in about 6 months for my DD!

    She is the starting SS and was told she wouldn't get much time in the circle until fall, since the team really hasn't needed any extra pitching. It's honestly been the best thing for her, because she been able to work on her entire game without having much pressure on her as a pitcher. The coach...
  16. OsDad

    TEAM Nebraska 14 and 14 Gold this weekend in Oklahoma

    I'm not sure which board would be best for this, or if there is even anyone from Nebraska on this forum but- DD's 10u team worked the USSSA Opening Day RING Showdown this weekend (gates, fields, concessions, etc) in Moore, OK. I can't tell you how impressed I was with their players, coaches...
  17. OsDad

    Pitching instruction in Oklahoma?

    Do any of you know of anyone in Oklahoma who teaches the methods that are encouraged here (I/R, brush interference, etc)? I am coming up empty time after time trying to find someone here. Half the time the instructors I talk to don't even know what I'm talking about. I'm limited right now in my...
  18. OsDad

    At what age/level does it become important to use a FP glove vs. a baseball glove?

    Does it ever matter that much for middle infielders? Does it matter less with an 11" ball? I'm just curious as to what the consensus is about that. Thanks!

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