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    10 Items That Should Always Be In Your Coach’s Bag

    Good article. Like to add a first aid kit, some kind of over the counter pain medicine, and a 4 in one screwdriver.
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    Season canceled - no refund offered

    Sounds like the parents are getting shafted. Not sure what they can do about it though. We are talking $150 per player in this type of scenario. Not worth going to small claims court on per family basis. That is ridiculous to charge the families for umpires. I can see charging the families...
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    Softball vs Soccer people.

    Interesting topic. I played soccer up to 8th grade, also played organized tackle football starting in 6th grade . Once high school started I only played football. Football and soccer were in the same season you had to make a choice. I personally never thought soccer was more popular than...
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    No Softball in Illinois this Summer?

    On a lighter note. I am going out to practice with my daughter today. I live Illinois, don't tell on me. 😇
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    No Softball in Illinois this Summer?

    That is a very informative link. Thanks for sharing. Pneumonia has killed more people than Covid 19 from February 1st - May 2nd.
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    Ecstatic parent after home run

    Cool video. I remember my son's first over the fence homerun in baseball. He was 7 years old and the fence was about 145 feet. I was standing in behind the outfield fence and I had to move out of the way so I did not get hit. I was a very excited man when that happened.
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    USSSA Post Covid-19 Return-to-play guidelines

    Which midwest states formed an alliance? I am in Illinois. Indiana has a very different plan in place than Illinois. Iowa, and Illinois seem to be handling the problem very different also. Illinois seems to have no plan at all moving forward. Pritzker's only plan is "do as I say, not as I...
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    Thoughts on Guest Playing During Covid?

    No changes. If we need a player we will find one. Same as always. We got 13 girls on the team. If 1 or 2 families don't feel safe returning, that just made the filling out the line up card easier. I would not even question a parent if they don't feel safe. If 3-4 families don't feel...
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    Throwing Mechanics: Building a good foundation

    I should have been clearer when I mentioned "whip". I was referring to the whip in the elbow, not the wrist. Personally, I don't consciously think of whipping my wrist. In the Trosky video, he talks about catapulting from 1:30-1:35 in the video.
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    Throwing Mechanics: Building a good foundation

    The #1 biggest issue that I see with girls is that they do not get enough whip out of their arm. The first thing many girls want to do is get the ball out of their glove and raise their arm. This causes their arm to get ahead of their feet. Now their arm has to pause so their feet can get on...
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    How to Play Softball During a Pandemic

    USSSA just sent me an email. They are going to have mandatory "Ghost Runners" for any tournament in the month of May. Ghost runners will keep down the number of tag plays at various bases.
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    Fauci Says there is a way sports (ie Professional Sports) can resume this summer.... this does not sound good for softball to return before fall...

    Half of our team lives in Illinois, and the other half is in Indiana. Everyone lives within a 45 minute drive of each other. Illinois is not opening up anytime soon. As soon as Indiana opens up we will start practicing. The coach has already reached out to every parent. All 13 families want to...
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    Is your travel team charging dues during the quarantine?

    Have you called the coach or head of the organization to discuss the payment disagreement in a civil manner? There are a lot of families that are going through financial issues at this time, I would hope the coach would understand that. All dues were paid back in February for my daughters...
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    Pitching Balance Board

    Looks like a good way to roll an ankle.
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    Help finding a face mask for pitching

    Ooooooh. Adamantium. Is Adamantium the same as adamantite from the Final Fantasy video game series? Adamantite was made to make some of the strongest swords in the Final Fantasy series. It would be awesome if they started making face masks out of those materials. Any question about who is the...
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    16u . No experience looking for advice and thoughts on her catching. Catcher .

    Can we get a video of this 1.6 second pop time?
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    PGF Tournament Plans

    What makes you think the virus will go away because of social distancing? What evidence is there that shows that social distancing will get rid of the virus? Social distancing may slow the virus down but social distancing is not getting rid of the virus.
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    Fauci Says there is a way sports (ie Professional Sports) can resume this summer.... this does not sound good for softball to return before fall...

    I also read wheresmycar's post. This was the first thing that popped into my mind after reading that post.
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    A little humor

    Picture of our daughters after a softball tourament this summer.