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  1. InsidePitch


    YES...it's call staying alive. Questionable pitches on the corners need to be hit or fouled off. Watch some good teams and you may see a dozen pitches fouled off and then a nice hit up the middle. Don't let close ones called strikes sit you on the bench.
  2. InsidePitch

    Are Leaders Born Or Made?

    Very true. The SAs look for candidates that have demonstrated leadership. Things like team captains, club officers, student body, ECA organizers. Once they are at the SA they are refined and taught what is believed to be the skills required of a leader. DD is 21 now and after several...
  3. InsidePitch

    New Balance cleats

    They seem to. If you look you can find them in the 75 dollar range.
  4. InsidePitch

    New Balance cleats

    DD has worn them for about 4 years now. They are light and hold up rather well if you know how to take care of them. i.e. Don't wear them walking to the car.
  5. InsidePitch

    Are Leaders Born Or Made?

    I think they are born with it. Watch a group of 6 year olds. It probably won't take but a few minutes before you can see the leadership traits. Those kids that listen to a coach tell them what's expected probably had those skills but weren't sure how to use them. This seems more prevalent...
  6. InsidePitch

    If you build it they will come

    I have only seen one dad do that at the upper end of the sport. Now his DD plays for a large D1 state school. I often wondered if the coach lets him any where near her field of view. Beautiful complex. Run the tourneys right and you should get plenty of teams show up.
  7. InsidePitch

    This is NOT good for college softball

    At least they have a team. If you look at the top 20 revenue women's BB teams you might be surprised at who's in there and some of the rankings. Hint, Uconn is not No 1. If schools decide to promote women's sports they can generate revenue. SB is poised to generate money at a lot of schools...
  8. InsidePitch

    Captain Jack

    It's not to early to set a goal for an SA. While the Navy has some rescue swimmers the Coast Guard has more and they have a very nice Academy with D3 softball.
  9. InsidePitch

    Captain Jack

    It is cool while at the same time a little disappointing to have the season cancelled. They were undefeated in the fall and stood a good chance of heading back to the NCSA Championship which could of made three in a row. It's too bad for the Seniors on her team and every team that lost this...
  10. InsidePitch

    Captain Jack

    With very little going on we got some good news today. For DD's Senior year she will be the team Captain. Congratulations Captain Jackie. The team will be back competing this fall with a new laser leveled field, new fence and scoreboard. I guess winning back to back National titles loosened...
  11. InsidePitch

    My DD and her 2015 Team

    Congratulations. It's a great feeling knowing you raised a good kid to adulthood.
  12. InsidePitch

    Building an indoor facility any suggestions

    Seems like a good time to dust off the Pole Barn thread. :LOL:
  13. InsidePitch

    What's the worst thing you had to give up/pass on for softball?

    If USNA makes it to the NCSA championship, DD will miss the JR ring dance. This is a big deal for the Naval Academy. The rings are lowered into a large vat containing water from the seven seas. Last year the juniors at the championship dipped their rings into a water jug. Based on the...
  14. InsidePitch

    What would you do if you feared a travel coach could sabotage DD's chances of playing DI or even DII?

    I think she will find that even DIII schools keep kids pretty busy. As for D1, most of the kids "I know" (can't speak for all) consider it a job that comes before school. If your worried about your coach, go see Dave Lotti. He has kids from across the NE playing for him and he has a great...
  15. InsidePitch

    What do you make of this comment from a coach?

    Coaches often refer players to other coaches especially if they like the kid but don't really have a need for that kid. Rather than sit them better to call a friend who has a need. You'll see the coaches that like each other hanging out together at showcases and camps like Riseball
  16. InsidePitch

    Its not the organization.... or it is?

    Congrats to your DD. DD's last team had a few games against the Chaos team that had the pitcher that went to Oregon. It was a rock solid team. Glad DD's team was able to give them a game.
  17. InsidePitch

    Button-down jersey issues?

    DD has worn full button shirts for the last 9 years with no issues. I don't think we ever replaced a button and if there are worries about gaps, a cool shirt can be worn underneath. I'd hardly lose any sleep over it.
  18. InsidePitch

    United States Naval Academy Softball

    Scoreboard baby....Scoreboard.
  19. InsidePitch

    Elite, Gold, etc

    Do your homework before getting bedazzled by the name. Likewise don't get sucked in by the large number of franchises sprouting up across the country. Some are good, some not so.
  20. InsidePitch

    Elite, Gold, etc

    Some teams with elite in the name actually are. Typically as one top level gets saturated (everyone becomes gold) a new descriptor surfaces.

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