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    COVID-19 and Softball

    Just because I work for large pharma and I know how much we’ve been preparing for a pandemic, I‘m starting to wonder if this outbreak will affect HS seasons? DD’s team is slated to go to Florida in 2 weeks and we‘re wondering if they will cancel. We already know a few local teams who did cancel...
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    Trust the Process!

    As some of you may have seen me post, dd has been looking at high academic schools. It’s been a very difficult path since even though the coaches have shown a lot of interest, they need to see grades and standardized test scores as well before continuing the process. She has been staying...
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    Shoutout to my kid

    I just want to give a little shoutout to my kid. Three years ago we decided that she would leave the comfort of her public school behind to attend a top academic private school in our state. She always did extremely well without much effort in our public school. Going to this new school was a...
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    Converted to Slapping

    Just wanted to say I’m so proud of dd. Last year during HS ball her hitting seemed to just not be there. She wouldn’t strike out much, but you could see she was just swinging to make contact which resulted in a lot of ground outs. The frustrating thing is she’d go to the cages and kill the ball...
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    Ball Hits Batter......

    So question - saw a game yesterday where the batter was a slapper and she got called on a 3rd strike swinging as she’s moving toward the pitcher. The catcher catches the ball and quickly attempts to fire down to 1B to try and pick the BR off. The catcher throws the ball and it deflects off of...
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    High school age Travel Teams going Dark?

    Was just curious what your travel teams do at the high school age? Where I live it is ok for the girls to keep practicing with their travel teams during school ball. Dd has been with orgs that have done both - either go dark or keep practicing through school ball season. Personally, I prefer...
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    First Varsity Game

    So proud of dd! She started her freshmen year at a new school - decided to go to a smaller private school well known for its academics. She made the jump from public school. Very difficult choice for her but academically a great decision. She made their varsity softball team as a pitcher. They...
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    Proud of my former LL players!

    DD's 8th grade team, made up of 7 of my former Little League players, had an awesome game against one of the best travel ball pitchers in our area. So awesome to see these girls come back and play together like they never missed a beat. Shout out to dd who pitched a great game and also had a...
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    When your DD throws a new pitch correctly for the first time!

    Would love to hear your stories about this! Last night, dd's coach was working with her on throwing a screw, of course I wasn't expecting much since it was her very first time trying to throw it and she wasn't getting the spin correctly. Well, all of a sudden, she threw one just right - it...
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    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!

    So, I know I'm pretty much a newbie here, but I just wanted to wish all of you a fabulous Christmas, Holiday, and New Year! In the short time I have been here you have helped me learn quite a bit and I thank all of you for that. Enjoy the holidays - and hey, the days start getting longer now...
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    Winter Pitching

    Hi fellow bucketdads/moms, Anybody have suggestions for finding low-cost indoor places (less than $50/hr) that have the space which allows for full-distance pitching? Unfortunately, our basement and garage just aren't big enough and with weekly pitching/hitting lessons, renting a tunnel at a...
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    Other activities?

    Just a friendly thread wondering what other activities your dd's do other than softball? My dd takes dance class, is a black belt in karate, and wants to try basketball this winter. How about your girls?
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    Need a little advice, please

    Ok, so here's the scenario I need help with: DD currently plays LL and is on their rec/C level travel team that is made up of our LL's all-stars for their age level (dd will turn 11 this fall). We were hoping to attend tryouts for a local program's B-level 12U team (going to be made up of...
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    Demarini Bat Legal for Little League Tourney?

    Hi All, Do you happen to know if the Demarini Crystal Bustos -13 bat that has the BFP labeling as 1.15 is legal? I read somewhere that the 1.15 was a mislabel and the bat is legal, but just wanted to be sure I read correctly. Our coach thinks that it can't be used. Any help you guys can...

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