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    First base obstruction?

    Okay I have never heard this before and of course the opposing coach at first says it is a rule. Runner on first snap throw back from catcher, first baseman is at the lined up in line with the front half of the bag and gets the throw and quickly swipe tags the runner diving back and gets her...
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    Best treatment to preserve the life of a new WHITE glove?

    I used Obenaufs heavy duty LP leather treatment (at the advice from here) and it left the glove so greasy that DD was embarrassed for a few weeks before any ball she touched was not all slick and greasy. Also, darkened and dulled the glove coloring. It is an all white Rawlings HOH glove so...
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    HBP - ball or strike?

    Yesterday in HS game had a batter get hit a third time and the ump finally correctly called the girl back as she was standing on the plate all 3 times turning into the plate and getting hit. My question on this call comes in as the batter had 0 balls 2 strikes on her and leaned over the plate...
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    2020 Demarini Prism owner's discussion

    Now that Demarini has put them up on their website and they have hit retailers hands I would be interested to get people's experiences with the bat. DD gets hers tomorrow and will update with results as she uses it this weekend.
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    CF8 entire lineup hot?

    My daughter had the white -11 and it was hot. We had one girl with insane but it was okay. Is the -10 balanced as hot as the -11 was?
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    Recruiting video - professionally or do it yourself?

    DD is a sophomore and starting on the get serious part of recruiting as she is a pitcher and had wholes in her mechanics that have been corrected and resulted in 4-5mph gain in speed but more importantly better spin and regained accuracy. That being said we are starting to put together her...
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    Say it aint so - Dick's to get exclusive Easton team USA Ghost?

    I know and trust you above all else Core so please put this to rest as I have heard it from 3 sources, two within Dick's corporate and one Easton rep. The Easton rep said it was in discussion so he was not stating it was a done deal but he did indicate the boys baseball Beast X whiteout...
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    2019 Actual bat performance talk

    Well coaching a 14u and an 11u travel team bat performance is always at the top of the list since the technology is always changing. Yesterday the cf zen balanced demarini came in with a 33/23 for 14u and 31/20 for 11u daughters. After about 125 swings each going from tee to soft toss to...

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