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  1. 55dad

    Really awesome to see all the girls I know playing college ball

    Between girls I coached and girls who my DDs played with there are so many girls playing in college right now. Whether D1, D2, D3, NAIA, JUCO, whatever, it is so fun for me to watch all their progress. This game is great and I really hope I have granddaughters so I can do this all again! Of...
  2. 55dad

    DD hung up her cleats due to concussions

    AJ Thompson Blog https://thoughtsforjoy.wixsite.com/website/home/when-life-doesn-t-meet-your-expectations Hey all, some of you have followed along and know some of my DD's story. She suffered a concussion last year, came back this year ready to play and took another shot or two to the head in...
  3. 55dad

    Congrats Cyclones and MNDad DD Em!

    Iowa state got an exciting extra innings win over #23 Oklahoma State. MNDad's DD Emma pitched 8 shutout innings in relief to get the win for the Cyclones! Sent from my LG-H820 using Tapatalk
  4. 55dad

    Home to first speed

    Is this the same as pitching speed? Does everyone exaggerate their true speed? I have worked tryouts (14U to 18U) at a very solid club team for the last fours years. Most girls are 3.1 to 3.4 and there is a small group who get below 3.1 seconds. From there, girls who get into the 2.9s are...
  5. 55dad

    Speed Work

    I am amazed at how many players show up for tryouts with beautiful swings, they can throw the ball on a rope, but they run like they have never had a single speed workout. I had several girls in the last two days who showed up for tryouts and we shaved a significant amount of time of their 60'...
  6. 55dad

    Interesting article on showcases

    https://fastpitchonlineshowcaseblog.wordpress.com/2017/06/14/why-college-coaches-do-not-rsvp/ Sent from my LG-H820 using Tapatalk
  7. 55dad

    NCAA seeding

    Did Minnesota get screwed or was the seeding correct? Sent from my LG-H820 using Tapatalk
  8. 55dad

    Coaching Clinic

    I went to a coaching clinic last weekend and there were several college coaches there who had some really good comments so I thought I would share them. 1) they get way too many emails and videos. D3 coaches said they get as many as ten videos a day. D1 and D2 coaches get more. They said...
  9. 55dad

    DD tried track yesterday

    Our indoor conference track meet was yesterday and half the team is gone on a band and choir trip. The track coach asked DD if she could help them out because the were really short on sprinters and the AD and softball coach gave their blessing. DD ran the 55 meter dash, 4x200, and 4x400. She...
  10. 55dad

    Dome-ball is here!

    DD had her first dome game of the winter this morning! It was nice to see the girls back out on the field.
  11. 55dad

    Fun to follow former teammates and players.

    As a coach and a parent with a DD in college and another graduating this year, it has been so much fun to watch all the girls grow up and move onto the next phase of their lives. Some have the opportunity and choose to play in college and that is exciting! From recruiting, through signing day...
  12. 55dad

    The announcement posted yesterday!

    I am so proud of DD2 who will be a Golden Gopher! She signed on signing day but the announcement did not come out until yesterday. She is in her second year of college as a high school senior so it took a little extra time to get all her records through compliance to make sure she met all...
  13. 55dad

    A true walk-on!

    I am so excited for a good friend of mine. His DD played with my girls for several years and she is a very good ballplayer. She decided to go to a big name D1 school that did not recruit her because that is where she wanted to go to school. She went to the open tryout and is on the team...
  14. 55dad

    Mind your own business

    Last weekend I overheard some parents and players from another team making negative comments about one of our players. It was bad enough that a particular parent was participating with the girls in directing some fairly nasty comments about character and loyalty towards our player, but the real...
  15. 55dad

    Would you let your DD do this?

    High School State Championship Game. There is a rain delay and the game is going to be played late in the evening. You planned to let your DD play in the title game and then fly to New Jersey for a PGF qualifier for her travel team. The rain delay screws up your plan. Does your DD stay and...
  16. 55dad

    We just beat our biggest HS rival for the first time in recent history!

    DD1 never beat them and DD2 is a junior and we just beat them tonight. My happiest HS softball moment in quite awhile!

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