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  1. PNWdad

    Bush or not?

    It's 10u!!! Bush rules not accepted for a few more years. The game is about the love.
  2. PNWdad

    2019 Easton Ghost ASA versus other bats

    Ghost 100%. And I agree with Eric F. Get in touch with Core. He's awesome, and you'll be very happy. You might consider getting a new bat every year instead of trying to make it last until middle school, especially since she's already hitting bombs.
  3. PNWdad

    Learning to slap hit

    Stationary hitting is most important. Seeing as many balls from the left side is huge. If she can hit well to all fields, then slapping will come easy. Work on foot speed now if she wants to slap down the road.
  4. PNWdad

    Indoor gym hitting. Few questions and looking for options.

    We use a Lite Flite machine and balls in the local high school gym. Not the biggest fan of that machine, but its better than nothing.
  5. PNWdad

    Indoor Practice Facilities

    Someone should do the legwork to get some old high school turf donated to that place. That would be a phenomenal indoor facility with turf. I am here in the greater Seattle area also, and we've had two indoor facilities that got the old HS football turf and it has worked out awesome!
  6. PNWdad


    Same as Eric F. Usually the girls dad that is doing the GC has a few more hits and a couple less errors on the weekend than the official book though.
  7. PNWdad

    Here is a park

    This is sweet! The fastpitch only fields are really cool. My favorite fastpitch only complex that we've been to is Majestic Park in Vegas (12 fields). This place in Windsor looks comparable to that.
  8. PNWdad

    Season highlight video - pitching and hitting

    What settings did you have your GoPro set to? The picture looks nice.
  9. PNWdad

    guest player dues?

    I have never heard of a guest player having to pay anything. Usually a guest player is there to help the team for the weekend(s). The teams budget for the year should have already been covered. Maybe a cost for extra uniforms?
  10. PNWdad

    NSA Pool info

    What state are you in? I'm in Washington and usually just google "NSA WA" and it pops up.
  11. PNWdad

    Demarini Prism

  12. PNWdad

    WCWS Bracket Challenge

    A sad day when the college softball season comes to an end.
  13. PNWdad

    2018 Easton Ghost

    *an Thanks but no thanks.
  14. PNWdad

    2018 Easton Ghost

    Hey Core, how's your inventory on the Ghost right now? My brothers shop does not have any more 33" drop 10s left and I am in need of a new one.
  15. PNWdad

    Left or Right

    Agree lefty. My DD made the switch full time at first year 14u. Yours looks like it will be a way smoother transition than ours. Its paying off bigtime now 3 years later, but that first year was a process, to say the least.
  16. PNWdad

    2018 Easton Ghost

    I thought the smallest Ghost was 31/21?
  17. PNWdad

    Selecting a glove...? Size?

    9? Go with what is comfortable to her, one that she thinks looks good, and that an 11" ball will fit into. When you hit 12u, start dialing in size. 14u, get her a custom.
  18. PNWdad

    Wouldn't believe it, if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes

    My 2nd favorite post of all time on DFP.
  19. PNWdad

    Wouldn't believe it, if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes

    My favorite post of all time on DFP.
  20. PNWdad

    Should I buy her new balls?

    Both. About an 80/20 front to side ratio.