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  1. Drakemir

    WTS Last Two! - Need to Go! Custom Vinci and great Utility Kip!

    Ok -Down to the last two gloves that need to go - Custom Black Vinci Optimus - Retails for 400+ in the configuration show - Great for any serious travel ball player. Highest caliber leather that Vinci sells 12" - I-Web - Open Back - USA Flag embroidery. 200$ Shipped Sold! RCV125 - White...
  2. Drakemir

    WTS Clearing out my stash of Vinci for the Holidays

    Howdy All - with my DD playing more regionally instead of locally my days of having to have a large amount of gloves on hand isn't really needed anymore - as most of my customers are from the web I normally just have gloves dropped shipped out. With that being said my DW stated that these are...
  3. Drakemir

    Just a few gloves.....

    Spring season coming up...:rolleyes: From Left to right, top to bottom - JCV34 - RCV1250(Steerhide) - Custom 12.5" Optimus - Custom 12" Optimus - BV1929-L (Black + B&W) RV1961-L (Black + B&W) - JBV-SB - JCV-VM (33") - RCV125 In case people want to know what gloves are what...
  4. Drakemir

    Rv1961-L/Bv1929-L new design -

    Brand new stock design on these - in addition to the all black ones. I have a rv1961 in stock and ready to go - and a bv1929 in a few weeks. Feel free to message me if you would like a price- Dave Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Drakemir

    4 Girls Dad

    Clean out your inbox :)
  6. Drakemir

    JBV-04 - LHT - 1st Base Glove

    Hey all - I have had this glove in my inventory far too long - and I need to move it - So, Kip leather, all black - Left hand Thrower. Willing to cut a sweet deal on it - send me a message.
  7. Drakemir

    Missed Messages -

    Howdy all, was wondering why is was so quiet. It looks like a have a ton of mailbox full missed messages, please resend anything that you might have sent before - I apologize as the emails that they send me when its full were being caught by my spam filter suddenly. Dave/Drakemir
  8. Drakemir

    Just an interesting note about side arm throwing

    So, my DD came home from a pre-school ball work out the other day, she was a bit annoyed at the new JV Coach. He had told her to not throw sidearm while fielding. (also he told all the girls there that "masks are not needed in the infield except pitcher" but thats another rant for another day)...
  9. Drakemir

    PSA - Custom Gloves and the Holidays - Vinci

    Howdy all, Just wanted to give the heads up that if you wanted a custom or factory broke in glove for the holidays then the latest date that we can pretty much guarantee delivery is going to be November 1st. We might be able to make the holidays if you ordered as late as Nov 15th - but that...
  10. Drakemir

    Scoring Question

    Situation - Less than 2 outs, Runners on 3rd and 2nd. (Edit to add, 12u playing ASA) Ball hit to the backhand side of SS - She fields it cleanly and throws to third to prevent the runner from moving up - Runner from third scores, runner from second does not advance. Is that a hit for the...
  11. Drakemir

    Vinci BV1929-L

    Hey all, I know I had a lot of interest in this glove before they ran out of stock a few weeks ago - I have one available that I can have dropped shipped in time for Christmas if anyone is still looking - Send me a message if interested. Your friendly neighborhood Vinci Rep, Dave/Drake
  12. Drakemir

    Custom Gloves for the Holidays -

    Howdy all, Just wanted to give a quick PSA for almost all vendors the cut off to get any sort of custom glove work is going to be around Nov 1 though some vendors might vary, most take 4-6 weeks. If you are considering one from any Vendor for the holidays, get them in now. Your friendly...
  13. Drakemir

    10 Year old DD Swing Feedback

    Howdy all, Hoping to get some feed back on my daughters swing, which is currently a hot mess. She is playing Travel for the first time and her swing is all sorts of all over the place, she was able to be ok in Rec, but against better pitching she is swinging and missing a lot.. does fine with...