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    Professional editing of emails to college coaches.

    DD put the wrong coaches name on one email. She has a separate account for recruiting that I check periodically. I noticed she had put the wrong coaches name on the email and had her email the coach and apologize. The coach sent a nice email back within an hour telling her not to worry about it...
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    Your honest opinion...

    I wanted to post something to give you some food for thought. I started to post this on another thread. In thinking about dd from age 11 to 18. She will have spent over 1/3 of her total weekends playing travel softball tournaments. This doesn't count the years she played travel volleyball and...
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    WTS F20-PWR CRBN 33/23 Bat SOLD

    I would like hte bat if it is still available
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    How fast to first base????

    Measuring what they do in real life situations or as close to them as possible is important. On our team we have 2 fast girls. One girl is 5'4" and is going to a mid-major D1 as a slapper. She is fast she beats out bunts in 18u A TB that are right back to the pitcher or third baseman if they...
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    What is your current Situation?

    DD has finished her last "fall" season of travel ball. She will play her senoir year of HS in the spring and then TB for the summer. With spring HS season the summer season for TB is very short. This year there are 8 weekends between the HS state championship weekend and when she has to...
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    What is your current Situation?

    I like to joke that after my son ran to first in his first tee ball game I made arrangements to increase our college savings for him Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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    What is your current Situation?

    DD is currently a HS senior. She has finished her last season of fall TB and is looking forward to attending her dream school next fall. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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    DD Committed yesterday!!!

    Congratulations. Nothing better than having it all work out. Aounda like your dd did a great job in the recruiting process Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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    Taking DD to college campuses just so they could look around?

    We did that when dd was in 8th and 9th grade. It was amazing how fast she could randomly (to me) say she liked or didn't like a school within 5 minutes. I like to say I had trouble figuring out the mind of a 16 year old girl 35 years ago when I was trying to get a date and apparentlyI have not...
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    Does your Daughter have a Job?

    I am going to take the other side of this discussion. DD got her first job this summer at 17. She was an assistant working different rooms at a daycare. She learned the responsibility of showing up for a job and the value of money. She also got a ton of responsibility put on her. It was great to...
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    WCONN1979 I am near the end of my TB journey. DD will play in her last fall tournament this weekend. My DD has had a good journey but it started out rocky. I think the hardest thing to do is not get caught up in the moment. When DD goes off to college I think I may document her softball...
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    Showcase camps question

    IPHAWK#18 Tonight you need to sit down with your DD and make a list of colleges that she would like to attend. I like a rule of 1-2 reach schools, 4-10 realistic schools and 1-2 safety schools. All of this depends on the importance you place on playing softball in college. The more important...
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    How important are stats?

    I am a believer in using stats but i am glad dd's coach doesn't just go by them. First 3 tournaments of summer BA .111 couldn't get a hard hit ball that wasn't right at someone or get a bloop to drop Last 3 tournaments BA .500 4 HR 8 doubles 2 triples. I walk off 3 run homerun to win by 1 and...
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    Moving on to a new team

    I don't want to put a damper on things but from the outside this is what your offer appears to be #2 pitcher so 30-40% of time pitching Significant time catching so 25-50% of the time catching Work at infield 10% of time Work at outfield 10% of the time. That would be 75%-110% playing time. She...
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    Training frequency

    DD is entering her last fall of TB. DD started down the softball track at 6 years old. At that time I thought tb was a silly thing. She wanted to practice all the time. When at 9 her all star coach would cancel a practice she would want me to still practice. When she was 10-12 we where...
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    Showcase camps question

    Your dd definitely needs to email coaches before hand and make contact. There are a lot of girls there and unless she runs a 2.6 down the line or hits the ball far (or pitches fast) she will have a hard time standing out. 1. Prepare her to talk to the coaches and introduce herself. 2. Wear a...
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    Unimpressed at TCS East Coast Nationals in Myrtle Beach

    We were the Virginia Scrappers Cisco team. We played both our pool games on Wednesday, 3 bracket games Friday, and 1 bracket game Saturday on those fields. We finally got up to the turf fields on Sunday for bracket play. Our head coach raised a fuss but it of course didn't matter. I dont think...
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    Unimpressed at TCS East Coast Nationals in Myrtle Beach

    Jdaddy what team were you with we were on those fields for our pool games and all our bracket games. We didn't get to the turf fields till the championship bracket on Sunday. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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    Is Travel Ball the best way?

    Mad bandit here is my dd's journey I think it will be hard to replicate the experience you get playing travel ball with just camps and private instruction combined with hs ball. Freshman year dd was lucky to get to face 3 pitchers either in d1 power 5 schools currently or heading to such a...
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    Helping daughter with confidence in the outfield

    All the advice you have been given is dead on. Just to give you an example my dd is 6' tall and left handed. Through 14u she played every inning of every game at 1B. She became very good at 1B and the infielders loved her. She got used to people talking about how good she was at 1B. Fast...